LEAGUE CITY — A judge may rule next month that League City should “take nothing” in a long-running lawsuit against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association over Hurricane Ike claims, according to court records made public this week.

The city sued in January 2012 claiming the association had underpaid it more than $2.4 million on damage to city property, according to court records.

The long list of underpayments included damage to the library, City Hall, the City Council Chamber, the civic center, community center and police department building, according to court records.

An appraisal of the damage put the total cost around $3.2 million, while the association had paid the city only $765,200, according to court records.

The lawsuit also accused the association of numerous bad actions, including breach of contract, unfair settlement practices and fraud, according to court records.

Attorneys and parties involved in the case either declined to comment or could not be reached for comment Thursday, so it was unclear how much the plaintiff had sought in punitive damages and legal fees.

A jury in May found the association owed only $105,788 more than it had already paid the city for Ike damages, according to court records. The jury also found that while the association had erred by not acting promptly enough, it had not committed the serious infractions claimed in the lawsuit, according to court records.

The jury also determined that League City should be awarded nothing more than actual damages in the case, according to court records.

On Monday, an email sent on behalf of Judge Kerry Neves of the 10th District Court advised attorneys of his intention to make a final ruling on the case no later than next month.

“After a careful and thorough review of the verdict and post-verdict briefing, he has decided a judgment in favor of TWIA that League City take nothing will be entered,” the email states.

The judge directed the association’s attorneys to draft such a judgment by no later than Sept. 9.

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