FRIENDSWOOD — A lawsuit stemming from an alleged teenage prostitution scheme was filed against a Friendswood business owner, who is accused of paying girls more than $3,600 for sex.

Friendswood attorney Alton C. Todd filed the suit Monday against Michael Wayne McIntosh, 62, on behalf of one girl’s parents, according to the filing made public Tuesday at the Galveston County District Clerk’s Office.

The Daily News has withheld the parents’ names to avoid identifying the minor girl.

The lawsuit claims McIntosh physically assaulted, seduced and sexually assaulted the girl during the summer and fall. A voice-mail message left for McIntosh at his home Tuesday seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

Webster police arrested McIntosh on Oct. 31 on three counts of child sexual assault amid allegations he paid $3,600 to have sex with girls from 14 to 16years old at his Friendswood home in the 600 block of Idlewood Drive.

Police also charged Chelsey Elizabeth Taylor, 17, a student, on Nov. 1 with one count of compelling prostitution. Police accused Taylor of driving her “easily manipulated” friends as young as 14 to McIntosh’s house between June and October to perform sexual acts on McIntosh.

Police began investigating the case after hearing rumors from the Clear Creek Independent School District in League City. Police heard allegations that a man known as “Money Mike” was having sexual contact with students. Police contacted parents, and eight girls came forward, court documents state.

David Nettles, a detective with Webster police, claimed in court documents that he learned Money Mike’s last name after questioning a manager at Bone Daddy’s restaurant in Webster. Money Mike was a regular customer, but the manager kicked him out of the business in February on accusations he solicited a waitress for sex, court documents state.

Police accused Taylor of taking girls to see McIntosh because she knew they would “take one for the team” and “that they would be easily manipulated into having sex with McIntosh.”

Authorities learned Taylor became acquainted with McIntosh when she worked as a hostess at Ojos Locos in Webster, Galveston County Assistant Prosecutor Adam Poole and Nettles said.

“There have not been any new charges, but we have been receiving new information from citizens calling in after reading, watching news reports,” Poole said.

The lawsuit against McIntosh demands a jury trial on claims that he caused the physical contact with the girl while he knew or should have known she was a minor.

The lawsuit doesn’t mention how the girl allegedly became acquainted with McIntosh.

“It’s my understanding there’s another girl who introduced them,” Todd said. “We’re not exactly sure who that girl was. It was an older girl that actually lured her there.”

Although the lawsuit doesn’t mention a dollar amount sought, it seeks damages related to pain, suffering, impairment, mental anguish, anxiety and medical bills.

“Our hope is we don’t create too much havoc with their daughter,” Todd said. “We wanted to go ahead and get this done, sue this guy, and get some closure.”

The district clerk’s office assigned the lawsuit to Judge John Ellisor’s 122nd District Court in Galveston.

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Walter Manuel

"Our hope is we don’t create too much havoc with their daughter,” Todd said. “We wanted to go ahead and get this done, sue this guy, and get some closure."

Uh huh, sure...

I suppose this young lady won't be further traumatized by having to get on the witness stand and publically face the accused, publically describe in details the sexual acts that were performed, be cross examined by the state and forced to answer questions that she may be extremely ashamed of?

It seems since the accused paid these young ladies good money, the money pit might be even a little deeper for everyone else to benefit from along the way at the expense of the victims?

Don't count on this trial NOT creating further havoc on this young lady nor the others!

I'm certainly not saying by any means that what this man is being accused of was wrong, but to say that by there being a big money pay out for this young lady and the family lawyer this will somehow bring closure for what happened?

I personally don't see how by getting a huge monetary pay out for the victims how all of this will just magically go away, but that's just me...

Mike Leahy

"Police accused Taylor of taking girls to see McIntosh because she knew they would “take one for the team” and “that they would be easily manipulated into having sex with McIntosh.”...

If that sad commentary on these girls is even close to accurate, the parents are the ones who should be hanging their heads in shame, not calling a lawyer to cash in on what the girls did. How is that different from what the Taylor girl is charged with? Pimped by a friend and then pimped by their parents and a lawyer. What a great life lesson these young girls have been able to acquire so early in life. Knowing the purpose of a "short time towel" before you turn 17... priceless.

Mike Meador

Didn't wait too long to get on the money track......ain't going to trial. Take everything the guy knows, insurance too. I guess that's why you go to lawyer school.

frank furleigh

Recreational pot does crazy things to kids and adults..


Suing for pain, suffering, and mental anguish may be very difficult in the state of Texas due to the passing of George Bush's Tort Reform law when he was governor. However, it doesn't make the pain and suffering any less real. More than likely the only compensation will be a guilty verdict in a criminal court of law. I'm not a lawyer but have had personal experience with a case affected by this law. I'll pray for this young girl and her family.

Lars Faltskog

Well, I'm no lawyer either, but I always wonder -
Why is it that on those TV court shows (People's Court, Judge Judy) that any complainant who asks for "pain and suffering" never gets it?

The judges never seem to award plaintiffs with the "pain and suffering" concept.

George Croix

I cut out the lawyers stated excuse for the lawsuit, will make a couple hundred copies of it, shred them, and expect to have some great substitute for my tomato plants next season rather than blow money on Miracle Grow.
Maybe it's just me, but 'closure' if my daughter were sexually abused by such a creep would involve hoping to get 10 minutes alone with him, before he got sent up to the Soap On A Rope Hilton. Even if my daughter voluntarily went to his place.
Which WOULD would be another issue that she and I would hash out in detail.
I guess I'm just old fashioned that way...

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