Galveston County Fair and Rodeo



Today’s schedule

4 p.m. Gates open 

4 p.m. Auction Buyers Reception — Rodeo Arena

5 p.m. Carnival rides open

5:15 p.m. Scholarship presentation before Auction Rodeo Arena

5 p.m. Country store opens — Ed Pickett Hall

6 p.m. Junior Livestock Auction — Rodeo Arena


Contest winners


Grand champion: Colton Elkins, Colts 4H

Reserve champion: Christi Wood Lone Star 4H


Class 1

1. Jarod Tucker, Friendswood FFA

2. Alyssa Taylor, Rough Riders 4H

3. Thomas Centeno, Dickinson Jr. FFA


Class 2

1. Colton Elkins, Colts 4

2. Wade Arnold, Lonesome Dove 4H

3. Jessica Stephens, Lone Star 4H


Class 3

1. Erin Cotharn, Santa Fe FFA

2. Victoria Espinoza, Santa Fe FFA

3. Jason Stone, Wranglers 4H


Class 4

1. Noah Villarreal, High Island FFA

2. Trevor Hildebrand, Santa Fe Jr. FFA

3. Kalei Hawk, Colts 4H


Class 5

1. Caroline Boysen, Trailblazers 4H

2. Cade Tyra, Lone Star 4H

3. Sydney Turner, Friendswood FFA


Class 6

1. Cade Tyra, Lone Star 4H

2. Bryce Kahla, High Island FFA

3. Canton Kempf, Santa Fe Jr. FFA


Class 7

1. Christi Wood, Lone Star 4H

2. Victoria Espinoza, Santa Fe FFA

3. Emma Childress, Colts 4H




Division, place, team name, chief cook 


Grilled shrimp

1. Rowdy Meatbeaters I, Chenoweth, Jason S.

2. Bayou Meat Slingers I, Musachia, Steve

3. High Pressure Cookers I, Gibson, William

4. Texas Best Cookers I, Campbell, J. L.

5. Texas Best Cookers II Campbell, J. L.



1. Backwoods Cookers I, Moore, Billy

2. Asleep At The Grill, Salas, Armando

3. Backwoods Cookers II Moore, Billy

4. Just For Fun CookersI Roberson, Brian

5. Backwoods Cookers III Moore, Billy


Seafood rice

1. G - Town Cookers I Moreno, John J.

2. Lone Star Lagniappe I Kucerna, Ed Sr.

3. Get Your GrillOn I Jennings, Genie

4. Asleep At The Grill Salas, Armando

5. The Up All Nighters I Conaway, Jon


1. Texas Select B-B-Q I Powell, Billy

2. Asleep At The Grill Salas, Armando

3. Lil Skrimps I Langley, Kellie

4. Rowdy Meatbeaters I Chenoweth, Jason S.

5. Fish Eyed Fools I Fuller, Josh

Overall winner:

Asleep At The Grill


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