GALVESTON — A legal motion filed by a former mayoral candidate to immediately suspend the island’s seawall parking program has been rejected by the Texas Supreme Court.

The court announced Friday it had denied a petition for a writ of mandamus filed by Galveston resident and former mayoral candidate Greg Roof. Roof had appealed to the court to ask that it command the Texas General Land Office to suspend the island’s paid parking program. In his motion, filed July 26, Roof claimed that the program violated the Texas Open Beaches Act, among other state laws.

The court gave no reasoning behind the denial.

In 2004, Roof had successfully blocked the city’s attempt to institute paid parking by appealing to the Texas 14th Court of Appeals.

On Friday, Roof stood by his stance against the program, which the city said will help pay for enhancements along Seawall Boulevard.

“I’m glad I filed the case,” Roof said in an email. “Paid parking on the seawall may be legal, but it is bad public policy for our state and our city.”

Roof said he is trying to organize a petition to try to get a repeal of the program on the ballot in a future election.

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Steve Fouga

My guess is that if this issue were voted on again, it would fail.

Ellis Pickett

The good news is all money taken in for beach parking will go to beach services.

I want well-trained lifeguards, trash pick up, restrooms, etc. I don't mind paying for it.

I just wish people would pick up their own trash.

In state parks the saying is, "Pack it in, pack it out." Why is it that beach goers can't do this?

Robert Morris

On the outside that is what you were told about where the revenue for seawall parking was going to go so you would vote for it. I think when you get the real distribution of wealth from the inside you are going to find that all the money was to put to far different uses. Hope not but this entire pie-in-the sky deal has had a bad smell.

Eunice Henderson

I was in Galveston Saturday working. The first day of this Labor Day weekend. There sure were a lot of empty parking places on the Seawall. Traffic was light for a summer weekend on the island and no long ferry line either. Does that send a message? $$$$$$ people to death. Keep the beaches open for families to enjoy and be happy with the money they spend elsewhere on the island. Put pay toilets!

Ron Shelby

Thought I'd check out Shine's posting. Not true. Check out Galveston's web cams and you'll see that at places like the Pleasure Pier its bumper to bumper parking. Casa Del Mar even has a lot of parkers way down at that end of the seawall. Overall looking good. Remember, its meant to earn income AND control parking at a certain level.

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