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Walter Manuel

Perhaps the money that several of our council members are trying to swindle out of Bridgtex Pipeline for running an oil pipeline from Colorado City through LM can be given to the library where it is much more needed rather than being spent on things that are pet projects for some and aren't a necessity for others?

I was appaulled last night to watch members of our city council look like thuggish members of a street gang demanding money from this pipeline group before they can complete this project for which has already been started after the city screwed up issuing them a permit in the first place and then the project was haulted in order that council could finally approve it.

Just like councilwoman Trube pointed out in last nights meeting, Bridgetex didn't do anything wrong and shouldn't be forced to have to pay the city anything when they did everything that they were suppose to do and that's why a permit was issued to them. Period! It clearly was a screw up within the city and city council.

It's no wonder when the leaders of a community portray their city to be so desperate for money they would stoop this low demanding money because they know the company has no choice but to pay it in order to finish the 400 and something mile project, few people will even consider doing business with the city of La Marque in the future.

And lastly, it's a shame that the one woman who others are attempting to recall found thousands of dollars in accounting errors throughout a report submitted to council from the city's court and yet so many other sets of eyes that supposedly read the same report either didn't find the errors or chose not to bother to mention these same mistakes.

No wonder some people want to get rid of councilwoman Trube, she watches our money and others every move and it obviously makes them nervous!

Mr. Osteen was the first to go and the other set of eyes closely watching OUR money. It's time people wise up and see exactly what's happening before the wolf is the one guarding the hen house.

Anymore I'm ashamed to say that I'm from La Marque....[sad]

Jake Feigle

Let's not forget the $10,000 the city wasted for the "special Attorney" that only continued with the kangaroo court. That money could have been used for something good, like the library. All it did was to protect the people that did not want the truth.

Leonard T. Payne

Gotta agree with you Missionary Man. I too was once very proud of La Marque.

This shakedown for more money is a joke.

City of La Marque Mafia.

Mike Meador

Getting tired of hearing or seeing anything to do with the tired, old city of LaMarque.......anything to do with bickering old people.
This place reminds me of a ghost town.

George Croix

According to the library's website, they are open for 38 hours per week.
That's roughly 2000 hours per year.
Doing some rounding, they want 250,000 dollars to run the place for a year.
It costs 125 dollars an hour to run a small public library in a small town?

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