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PD Hyatt

Maybe the governement agency's that are being rejected now know what we the taxpayer feels like when we are not listened to and tax rates are raised and money is spent without our knowledge or approval.... This is just the way a typical government agency works today.... Just look at Washington....

Terri Neely

I am glad that the Health District finally did SOMETHING for the helpless dogs and cats at the very high-kill shelter -GCARC. It is way too little and way too late, but at least they have taken a stand for once. It is about time.
If Julie Robinson, the Dickinson city administrator doesn't like it, maybe she should just build Dickinson their own shelter. Every city politician that is voting to deny funding to help stop the horrific amount of needless euthanasias at GCARC should be forced to look at the faces of each dog and cat that is killed or that are currently on the EUTH LIST.
All of Galveston County should be ashamed of the way that it cares for it's strays and unwanted animals. They should vote out those in office that are trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of hundreds of innocent dogs and cats.
No one is denying that there is room for improvement at the shelter, but the hundreds of animals that are dumped at the shelter every month come mostly from irresponsible pet owners and breeders in Galveston County.
The taxpayers need to OWN UP and so do the politicians. It is time for this slaughter to end.

Wes SF

Hey Joy,

I for one as a property owner can't afford to to pay higher property taxes for your liberal point of view. Perhaps you would like to pay for it or maybe even start your own permanent no kill care facility. All of my animals are fixed for a reason and I don't want to support the rest longer than it takes to see if they belong to someone who will claim them. Instead of "voting them out" I support voting more of them in. I don't feel any shame.

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