GALVESTON — The Galveston City Council unanimously approved a contract with the Goodman Corporation on Thursday that will allow the transportation consultant to begin the design phase for a $6 million Seawall beautification project.

The vote approved the spending of $875,000 for pre-construction work on the project, which intends to improve the Seawall Boulevard sidewalk with bathrooms, bus stops, lights and other amenities. The money will come entirely out of federal grant funds.

Officials hope the amenities to the Seawall can be completed by the middle of next summer.

“We do have a calendar that we’re going to keep everybody to,” said Mayor Jim Yarbrough after the contract was approved.

The city has not yet heard from the Houston-Galveston Area Council whether it has received a grant that would be used to purchase six new buses for tourist-oriented bus routes. The buses are related to the seawall plan, but not a necessary component.


An afternoon of interviews

The final three hours of the council’s day was spent interviewing candidates for seats on the Park Board of Trustees and the Wharves Board of Trustees.

Among the applicants for the Park Board was Thayer Evans, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated. Evans told the council he believed his experience as a journalist would be an asset to the board, which oversees issues related to Galveston’s beaches and tourism industry.

Also seeking a position for four potentially open spots on the Park Board were Gary Foy, Daniel Hart, Michael Kovich, Kate Marx and Larry Stanley. 

Current Park Board members Miguel Aleman, Joyce Calver McLean and Clyde Steddum are all seeking reappointment, but one spot, previously held by current councilman Craig Brown, still needs to be filled.

Richard DeVries and Benny Holland are seeking reappointment to the Wharves Board. Former city secretary Doug Godinich, John Machol and Kerry Tillman also are seeking appointment.


Quote of the day

On the council paying additional funds for the rehabilitation on the UTMB Elevated Storage Tank: “It seems like the city does a lot of work for UTMB, it would be nice if they continue to share in this project that they asked us to do.” — District 3 councilman Ralph McMorris.

The tank is city infrastructure, but is located on UTMB property. It is being repaired and repainted. The city has traditionally split cost with the hospital system on maintaining the tank, and the council could still try to seek reimbursement for the work.



Complaints about noise from live music at the West End Restaurant, located on Burnet Drive, prompted District 6 councilwoman Carolyn Sunseri to ask about the possibility of changing the city’s noise ordinances to require more restrictive rules on noise. No decisions were made regarding the issue. ... A power outage that affected nearly 1,900 locations on the island Thursday only caused the lights to flicker on Saturday. It did, however, knock out the council’s camera system for about 12 minutes. ... Demolishing the old Falstaff Brewery building would cost millions of dollars, assistant city attorney Donna Fairweather told the council, responding to a question from District 1 councilman Tarris Woods.

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