Exxon station to become Marathon

The Exxon convenience store and gas station at Palmer Highway and state Highway 146 in Texas City is going to be Marathon Petroleum’s first station in Texas.


TEXAS CITY — The colors will basically stay the same, but a new look is coming for a convenience store and gas station at Palmer Highway and state Highway 146.

Marathon Petroleum is set to have its first branded station in Texas.

The soon-to-be Marathon gas station for the past 24 years has been an Exxon-branded station.

Soon after Marathon Petroleum purchased its Galveston Bay Refinery from BP last year, refinery manager Ray Brooks announced that the company was looking to have a fuel stop in town. On Monday, Marathon Petroleum confirmed it finalized a deal with Robert Thalji, who has owned the station since 1990.

“This definitely brings a lot more energy and brings a fresh start,” Thalji said. “We will be dealing with a local company that cares about Texas City and its (residents).”

Thalji said the red, white and blue of Exxon will soon be replaced by a similar color-scheme but with the giant red “M” on the signage. The re-branding is to be done by the end of March, he said.

The store will be the first Marathon-branded retail outlet in Texas, Marathon Petroleum spokeswoman Angelia Graves said.

“This actual facility is close to our operations and is a good representation for our brand,” Graves said. “As such, we are looking forward to this opportunity to bring the Marathon brand to this area.”

Marathon has 5,200 brand locations across the county, mostly in the Midwest and southeastern parts of the United States. Each of the Marathon retail sites is a locally owned franchise.

The company does own and operate 1,480 Speedway retail stations in nine states. None of those are in Texas.

Thalji said he plans to give his store a new look, including fresh paint inside and out. Longtime customers who have their automobiles serviced there will be glad to know the service bays will remain, he said.

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Super Dave

And are the used cars for sale going to be sold at the same site. I noticed the other day 30+ vehicle for sale are all around the station....LOL!

Elizabeth Blackburn

Actually there was a Marathon station at San Felipe and Voss in Houston until the MRO and MPC split last year. Many years ago there was a Marathon gas station at the bend in Loop 197 in Texas City across from the Marathon Refinery.

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