GALVESTON — The Carnival Triumph cruise ship has been dead in the water since early Sunday morning off the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The company reported that a fire in an engine room located in the aft of the ship left it without power or propulsion.

The fire has since been extinguished, Carnival Spokesman Vance Gulliksen said. No injuries were reported among the passengers and crew members, who total more than 4,000.

It’s still unknown what caused the fire, but the shipboard firefighting squads are continuing to monitor the situation, and the appropriate authorities, including U.S. Coast Guard, have been notified.

Flames from the engine fire, which was located in the aft of the ship, activated the automatic fire extinguishing systems.

The ship’s technical crew is continuing to assess the damage and attempting to restore power while relying on an emergency generator, Gulliksen said.

It has not been determined when the ship will be able to return the Port of Galveston, he said.

A news release from the Carnival Cruise Line said the four-day cruise was originally scheduled to return Monday morning, hours before the Triumph’s next departure was scheduled.

According to the news release, “All guests on the current voyage will receive a full refund inclusive of gratuities and any transportation expenses.” “Guests have the option of canceling now and receiving a full refund or waiting for further information to determine if a shortened, partial voyage may be possible.”

Passengers currently on the Triumph also have no means of communication, said Jason McClintock, a McKinney, Texas, resident with two family members on board.

McClintock said he was notified of the situation by an automated calling system that provided family members of passengers with a number to call for more information.

“We are working to attempt to restart the engines in the forward engine room and have secured and dispatched tug (boats) in the event they are needed,” Gulliksen said.

For family

Concerned family and friends of guests and crew can call 888-290-5095 or 305-406-5534.

Contact reporter Whitney Hodgin at 409-683-5236 or


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Gary Miller

Carnival cruise line?
If you don't get sick or stranded what other activity is offered? Drowning off Italy in the Med sea? A lifetime of memories, if you survive.
TV say ship to be towed to Mexican port. Tow is expected to take days then how long to get home? Cruise line gonna pay parking fees, rent car overcharges and Hotel reservations? What about fines for immigration violations if passengers didn't take passport on 4 day cruise?

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