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Gary Miller

A product the petro chemical industry thrives on is natural and produced gas.
Produced gas is a oil refinery by product. Gulf coast refineries will produce more gas when the Keystone XL pipeline is completed. Jobs will be added when that oil is available. Jobs will reduce the local need for welfare, just what BHO is against.
Welfare is more important than jobs to progressives.

PD Hyatt

If this administration has its way Keystone pipeline will never be finished....They hate the oil industry and the great paying jobs that come with it....

Reggie Barnett

I was an operator in the #3 Olefins at Union Carbide for over 8 years, that is referenced in this story. Dow calls units that take Ethane, Propane and Naptha to an Olefin as a Light Hydrocarbon Plant. In 2004 when margins were low decisions to shutter the Union Carbide Olefin units in Texas City and Seadrift was mostly political. The former UCC units were more efficient and were Ethane crackers but because of "environmental" CO2 and NOX emissions they were chosen to close. Gulf Coast ethylene capacity was reduced and prices were raised. The facilities closed were actually better than the Dow facilities in Freeport and Plaquemine, LA. Now with fracking the two light end crackers are going to be rebuilt in Freeport, with the same capacity that Texas City is dismantling. Sad thing is Dow is 4 years behind, Lyondell, ExxonMobil, Ineos, ChevronPhillips and
Formosa that are ahead of Dow increasing capacity. This could have been restored quickly rather than tearing down a facility. Dow stockholders don't get the real story ever.

George Croix

Clears path for future expansion, and by coincidence, clears property from tax roles.

#3 Olefins. It blew up around 40 years ago. Made quite a mess of several houses at what was then a nice, middle class Lee Addition.
Pretty much the start of the end for both places...

Mike Leahy

I spent many years tied up, loading and unloading, at refineries around the world (especially in the US). I have been to sea carrying a multitude of products; on some "drug store" tankers I sailed on, we carried up to 42 assorted grades of products. But, I have never known anything much about the nuts and bolts details of the operations inside those refineries. Thanks for the details and more are always welcome.

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