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Allen Flores

This is all that's needed for Galveston's Mardi Gras on The Strand, a nice FREE parade for FAMILIES! It was fun and safe. Families came back to the strand because there was no entrance fee that only teenagers and thugs are willing to pay. The locals got their public streets back, No gate fees, no beer booths, no promoters, no sweeps, no taxpayer money wasted to encourage gangs and teenagers to come to night concerts to benefit Mike Dean and Yaga's Entertainment. Whoever is in charge of tourism should stop funding the unneeded Mardi Gras where people are encouraged to drink all day and night. The city was back to normal last night when the entertainment was over after the parade. The solution to the best type of Mardi Gras is obvious and it is without any promoter demands.

Allen Flores

The 'good ole boy' system is evident in many cases. The Mardi Gras contract is a good example of it by hotel tax subsidies of public funds go to private gain on public streets. The contract allows hundreds of thousands of city services to be wasted to fund an event that is not privy to the open records acts and allows late night drinking. The Fat Tuesday parade was early, inexpensive, family filled because it was free, and it was safe. The Seawall parades are free and they are filled with families. Families will never pay a fee, just the thugs will pay the fee and stay out late. The newspaper should push for the open records to be enforced on every contract and look at how the Mardi Gras contract doesn't allow the city to see or share in any profits.

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