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GPD swarms to everything. Not trying to be rude but, this is true. I remember a domestic call nearby had 7-8 of our finest in attendance. Now, how many are on the streets on a weekday evening? I was very safe that night. [beam]

Lars Faltskog

Well, I'd rather it be a team of police and any other law enforcement as opposed to late response. All I know is one time when the neighbors misbehaved one night and their party turned into a "rave", it was good to see many police coming at the scene. The ne'er-do-well party-goers dispersed like rats running from a sinking ship.

Victor Krc

A show of overwhelming force can defuse a tense situation very quickly and greatly reduce the odds of escalation.

One little point on geography. I noticed that the neighborhood was referred to as Fish Village - without any quotation marks. When my parents and my sister and I moved into the area in 1950, the neighborhood was known as "Lindale". My sister and I grew up there and my mother lived there until her death in 1997. I do not recall there being any change to the official name of the neighborhood.

I can understand the name Fish Village for the neighborhood because all of the streets are named after the common names of various fish species - Bonita, Tarpon, Dolphin(?), etc.

Was the name of the neighborhood officially changed? Or has its name change been made permanent because of local usage. Just wondering.

Stevie Maradeo

@Vic krc- The neighborhood did not officially change their name. On the property tax report it is still labelled as Lindale. But throughout the years everyone referred to the area as Fish Village. If the Daily News would've used Lindale neighborhood, most people would've had to use Google to figure out where it was.

Victor Krc

OK, thanks. I did not know that. I have lived on the mainland for many years so I am not up to date on the latest island - speak.

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