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Kim Etheridge

Well this is clear as mud. How in the world are they going to enforce this? We need to know exactly what a dog must do to be declared dangerous. It's a little bit late after a pit bull has chewed a child's face off. Insurance companies in Texas have no problem being breed specific in refusing homeowner's insurance coverage for breeds they deem dangerous. It sounds like we need to make changes at the state level to give cities the ability to be breed specific.

Gary Miller

Un Enforceable?
Bad dogs are the product of bad owners.

Can any dog be identified as dangerous before doing something harmful?
People are required to have insurance if they want to drive. Why not require insurance to own an animal which could be dangerous? The insurance companies will set premiums according to the likelyhood the dog might be dangerous. Also owners should be held accountable for violations by their dog. Something like a stiff fine if the dog is loose in public. Or pooping anywhere except the owners property.

Kim Etheridge

OK fine. Let's chip and collar the owners too. It will make dangerous circumstances a lot easier to identify.

George Croix

Good idea.
Let's also require all people who might be dangerous to carry liability insurance against harming others...
Bad dog ordinance?
Needs to be one word long.
Dog bites somebody - Police change it's life status to dead.

All that all of this other distraction does is make money for insurance companies and beaurocrats, and lawyers.

Richard Worth

Let me make sure I have this straight. The anti Big Government council is going to solve the problem by covering it with layers of unenforceable bureaucracy? How very Democratic...

Mick Phalen

I wonder what will happen the first time a couple of pit bulls with bright orange collars show up in the Mann Memorial Dog Park?

Mick Phalen

Tifosi, a Council made up of a former aide to Jack Brooks and three "tea partiers" supported by Texas Trial Lawyers; catering to every special interest that wears the same color tee shirt to City Council meeting --- "Democratic" is a good description.

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