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George Croix

Nice to read an article about COM that doesn't include accompanying photos of protesters in the parking lot or threats of lawsuits or paper tigers growling.
More work to be done, but the raises are the right thing to do for now, and so is looking at those above average non-staff employee numbers, for further consideration.
Is it possible that the Grade 8 chain and #0 master locks to lock all the doors when the place is closed down won't have to be bought?
Time will tell, and during that time, one big thing that needs telling is whether the folks at COM, top to bottom, can learn to work as a TEAM, and not polar adversaries. It's not enough to just get behind someone who's supposedly a leader - you need to keep an eye on where you're being led to see if they are worth following.
The easy way.
The hard way.
The highway.
Pick one....


Where is President Beth Lewis from? East Texas? What is about all us from the State of East Texas? Let me stop bragging! [smile] LOLOLOLOLOLOL

George Croix

Maybe because out in the country you actually have to do something rather than just talk about it or wait for somebody to do it for you.
There it is....[smile]

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