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There is absolutely no way Councilman O'keefe wrote or spoke those comments. He's not even close enough to being erudite enough to say that. Anyone who follows League City politics knows that he butchers the English language every time he opens his mouth.

Mick Phalen

We'll said, LCTruth. Sounds like the antics of O'Keeffe's November opponent and campaign staff. (It's the same group, including some Councilmembers, who have been trying for years to get rid of our City Attorney).

They didn't like the first answer they got from their $200k/year Auditor, so they instructed the City Manager to come up with the answer they wanted --- O'Keeffe objects. Maybe they should have had Becker and He!d! rough him up a little, again.


Nowhere in your incoherent rambling is there anything resembling an intelligent thought.

Mick Phalen

It seems to me that this issue is exactly why an Ethics Board was established ... But then again, our elected officials likely don't want a fair, unbiased review of the claims.

And LCTruth, if your comment was directed at me, I apologize for your lack of understanding --- I'll use smaller words and simple sentences next time. If your comment was not directed at me --- never mind. [smile]

Miss Priss

Mark Rohr is not a shrinking violet.... I've heard from people who lived in one of the towns he ran and what he can do to city council folks who get out of control.

O'keeffee wants to pull a thug move .... He will get it back in his face. The things that LC pulled before on city officials - this guy will mow over and let me tell you ... If he exits, it will be on his terms - Period. These folks on council might think they have the upper hand until one day - they all realize who is running things. It might be a good idea to let the man do his job.

Mick Phalen

Morning' truthserum,

I hope Rohr was not hired for " what he can do to city council folks who get out of control" and his ability to "mow over" City Councilmen - - - sounds a little too Obama-esque for my taste. Could that be the reason he was fired from his last job?

His job is simple - - - manage city government according to the City charter and existing ordinances, not to whine to the mayor when someone wants to "bring it on".

I hope Tim clears his head and moves this issue to the Ethics Board, and out of the political theater of LC trash politics.

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