LA MARQUE – After meeting behind closed doors for more than four hours Friday night, trustees decided to name Thomasine Allen the interim co-superintendent of the school district.

Allen was formerly the assistant superintendent of educational support services and school operations.

She will work alongside Joanie Hudson, who took over as interim superintendent in late April after former Superintendent Ecomet Burley resigned in a cloud of controversy.

The Daily News has requested the terms of his resignation, but the district has not responded.

School board Vice President Nakisha Paul said trustees will hold another special meeting Monday to discuss hiring an outside consultant to assist the interim co-superintendents. President Annie Burton was not at Friday’s meeting.

Paul said Hudson and Allen will work as “two individuals with the exact same duties.” She wasn't specific about why trustees named an interim co-superintendent and are seeking to hire a mentor to the position but said it would best meet the district’s needs at this time.

Monday’s agenda also calls for trustees to meet behind closed doors to discuss and possibly take action to hire an “interim business manager.” Paul clarified that trustees will discuss hiring an accountant to help the district get its finances in order.

The consideration of new hires comes at a time when the district is laying off employees and looking to outsource its police department in an effort to trim costs.

Last week, a state-ordered financial solvency plan for the district was rejected by the Texas Education Agency.

The agency has given the district until June 9 to submit a new draft of the plan.

The board is set to approve trustee Joe Cantu’s resignation at Monday’s special meeting and will appoint a new trustee to fill the vacant spot for District 6, according to the agenda.

Cantu tendered his resignation in April.

Trustees chosen in last week's election and the board's new appointment will be administered the oath of office.

There is an additional agenda item for the "reorganization of the board of trustees."

The agenda also calls for trustees to consider and approve contracting services with ProCare Therapy for Speech Therapy and Ardor Health Services for Occupational Therapy.

At a glance

WHO: La Marque Independent School District

WHAT: Trustees will meet to consider and possibly take action to hire a consultant to the interim superintendent and to consider hiring an interim business manager.

WHERE: LMISD Administration Building, 1727 Bayou Road, in La Marque

WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Monday

Contact reporter Alex Macon at or 409-683-5244.


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Walter Manuel

Ummm, excuse me, but where is the district getting all of this money from to hire all of these consultants when they are broke?

Sooooo, we're hiring a consultant to teach two interim co- superintendents who just so happen to be friends with the board on how to do their jobs while making the big bucks, then they will hire a consultant accountant ig bucks because they RIF'd Laurie Alexander and the other person in accounting can't do the job that they said could despite being from with the board.

So, we now come full circle with the superintendent's position who is no longer here and was making $140,000.00 and we will now have 3 people making a combined total of roughly $260,000.00 doing and knowing less than what Mr. Burley did but I suppose that's OK because as I said previously these people are friends with the board members.

The district now has 2 co-superintendents who have absolutely no experience as being a superintendent, Thomasin Allen has been with the district for over 30 years and NEVER been outside to know the first thing that other school districts are doing so offers absolutely nothing to the district in the way of improvement.

I sure hope that they know somebody that they can hire like yesterday to write their new solvency plan because the original one only required a few changes, but not they have a whole new plan that they don't have Mr. Burley and Laurie Alexander to help them tweak the numbers.

If the plan isn't approved by June the 9th, then that means they won't get the $3 Million loan because nobody will loan them money without the solvency plan being approved. This would result in the district not being able to pay their bills and remain solvent through August 312, 2013.

Well, the board thinks that they are so clever in their underhanded dealings, I got news for them, I have over 5 lbs of open records that was shipped to me today and I will be exposing anyone and everyone who is guilty, trust me.

Oh, by the way.... Thomasine Allen I need to ask you sometime soon about the thousands of dollars that you so generously gave someone some time back to open that barber school for LMISD that never happened down the street from the high school and why you never felt the need to try and get back our tax dollars? We'll talk soon about that because lot's of people haven't forgotten about that either and I know you'll be busy trying to learn your new responsibilties....

That's important though I'm especially interested in the insurance money received by the district and how it is being spent for repairs for hail damage done in 2012. I'm sure Rust, Watt, Ewing and Haney would be just as interested should there be any descrepancy in the like, type and kind of material used to replace what was damaged to the LMISD buildings, property and equipment. I would hope the baord and district officials wouldn't be stupid enough to take the money and then not repair the buildins? If caught they face losing their insurance and not being covered by any other carrier. PITY!

Wow, the things that make you go hmmmmmm.....[scared]

Walter Manuel

Ooops..... Danggit!

Hire a consultant making "big" bucks" not "ig" bucks.

"RIF'd Laurie Alexander and the other person in accounting can't do the job that they said "she" could despite being "friends" with the board".

"Thomasine" not "Thomasin"

"August 31, 2013" not "August 312, 2013"

And Lastly,...
"would hope the" board" and district officials wouldn't be stupid enough to take the money and then not repair or replace the "buildings", property or equipment that they claimed"?

I suppose I really should let my fingers catch up with my brain when typing, but it is really hard to do when you read such ridiculous and incompetent nonsense coming once again from the LMISD school board.

Hey it's only other people's money so why would they care??

Tamala Robinson

I welcome Ms. Thomasine Allen.

Walter Manuel

Tamala1023, obviously you support incompetence at it's best and the continual downward spiral of this district by supporting those top dogs who could care less about this school district except for making sure to receive a huge paycheck for themselves at the end of the week?

We'll see if the district will release to me how much stipend money that the board gave to Thomasine and Dr. Hudson for their new rersponsibilities? Yes, I've already requested that information as well!

Look at the shape of the district and then tell us that the board members and those in administration today will move us in a new direction? Surely you jest!

Tamala1023, ask your friend Ms. Allen why she hasn't tried to get back OUR money that she gave to her friend that was going to start the Primier Barber School that never happened and get back with us on that?

Yeah these people are really going to move this district, but not in a good way and only that much closer to being shut down for good....PUHLEEZE!

TEA can't come in here soon enough to finally put a stop to all of this nonsense.

The sooner that this board has everyone of their friends in place the sooner they can take total control over this district and do as they please. It looks like Terry Pettijohn is next in line seeing how he supports this board and says that "they are doing a wonderful job and this district is headed in the right direction".

So many people that I have spoken to living in "OUR" District 6 DO NOT SUPPORT HIM BEING APPOINTED TO THE BOARD representing us nor the school district.

Perhaps Mr. Pettijohn thinks that he can get his wife her job back with the district once he gets back on board, however he forgets that won't happen because the school district cannot hire a board members family member. [wink]

Walter Manuel

Well, I wonder if what some people that have called me and told me today is true?

First I was told that the reason Annie Burton hasn't been at the last couple of board meetings is because Nakisha Paul has kicked Annie to the curb and now has the support of her friends on the board to be the next board president?

The next thing some people are saying is that the board named Thomasine Allen co-superintendent and are bringing in a mentor in order to teach her and Dr. Hudson the role of being a superintendent only to have the board appoint Thomasine the full-time superintendent in June and Dr. Hudson be her assistant superintendent.

This district needs to go outside of La Marque in order to find their next superintendent so that this district can start all over and build again with someone that has no connection to the board or the current administrative district officials in an attempt to gain back the trust with their students, parents, district employees and local taxpayers.

I don't see this board doing the right thing any time soon, but parents in the community are definitely talking and making plans to send their child to another school district next year and I certainly can't blame them and highly encourage them to do so!

Just wait until everything comes out in the open records requests that I'll be letting everyone know about what is going on in the district and I'm sure there will be no doubt moving their child will be their best choice and in the best interest of their child's education. [wink]

Robert Buckner

This nonsense isn't going to stop until the board has run out of other people's money or they are sent down the road by TEA. Enrollment will continue to spiral downward in overdrive making matters worse. RIP LMISD.

Island Bred

OMG - You just can't make this stuff up. A consultant to train 2 people for the job that Burley was doing??? I bet he is so thankful he got out of this chicken coop of hens. LMAO So how do you justify 3 salaries? Plus you are now going to hire an accounting firm? Wonder who will get that contract and who they know on the board............. can't wait for that announcement. Do they bid this crap out? Aren't they required to bid AND post openings across the state? Contracts out the wazoo for crap that isn't that important when our kids can't pass a simple test. This school board teaches our young how to be Playas - that's about it. If the finances don't get them the test scores will.

Can't wait to see what ya get Walter - ought to be good but then this board doesn't really care - they are going to take and share as much as they can for thier buds until TEA steps in and neutralizes them. Can't be soon enough!! I'm thinking by June when TEA says NO again we can be that much closer. This is just so sad.

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely right Margurite in everything that you posted!

This whole school district has become nothing more than friends helping friends with high paying jobs at the expense of OUR tax dollars. For anyone who saw the solvency plan to see who was being RIF'd and who was spared, if I was a betting man I can assure you that some names have been changed since the solvency plan was rejected by TEA. I would keep a special eye on Thomasine Allen's secretary as that will let all of us know that the board in fact intends on hiring Thomasine as the next superintendent.

I understand that the district is supposed to go out for bids for anything over $10,000, as well as, run the job posting for a certain amount of time. The clock is ticking and I'm sure that the district needs a miracle worker to come in and help them design their new solvency plan as those in charge today have absolutely no clue what they are doing except how to spend other people's money.

I understand in the mass of paperwork that I am going to be receiving that I will be shocked at what I will find! I have no problem forwarding TEA, DOJ, OAG or the DA's office anything illegal that I find, trust me....

If these board members want to do things their way then all I can say is that they better put on their big boy and big girl pants and prepare to pay for the consequences of their actions. That's NOT a threat but rather a promise! [wink]

I should receive the packet via snail mail today or tomorrow and then it will be on I'm sure!

Walter Manuel

Margurite, well I got the package today and it seems that the district thinks that their dealing with an idiot once again by giving me 70 something pages of the same crap.

There's 4 long reports from the Commissioner of Education regarding the new rating system that I suppose the district thought would look like a lot of information to satisfy my requests, however I have news for them, I'll be returning it for a refund or will be filing a complaint against the district for illegally overcharging me for duplicated copies of open records requests.

I'll give a more details of my findings tomorrow on the news article where Nakisha Paul was named board president tonight. Just like I said before, it looked as if Nakisha Paul was kicking Annie to the curb and she did! LOL

Now let's see if Nakisha can actually read Robert's Rule's of Order and follow the rules of running a meeting instead of asking having to ask someone, " what do we do next" like she did after the RIF list was read in last months board meeting?

Tomorrow I'll address some LMISD teachers being accused of allowing their students to cheat on their STAAR tests by either giving their students the answers or providing the answer key to their students, as well as, quite a bit of other stuff that the public would certainly have an interest in and are entitled to know about.

I'll be glad to give LMISD taxpayers the real "Bad News" happening at LMISD before the district tries to continue lying to everyone by trying to convince them that there's "Good News" happening.

Gary Miller

La Marque and Chicago ISD’s have the same problem caused by population decline. Too many schools, too many employees, too few students, too little money.
Chicago announced they are closing 49 schools and cutting over 5,000 employees.
What is LM ISD doing? No schools closed? Token employee cuts? Borrow $3 million?

Gary Miller

The Michigan legislature made the most inciteful comment I've ever seen from a political body.
"All ISD schools (AKA public) spending more money, per student, than the charter school across the street is wasting taxpayers money."
That is true of all ISD schools anywhere.
The only believable excuse is "they do because they can."

They then declared that policy must change and announced regular budget cuts for Michigan's ISD schools to bring their spending in line with local charter and private schools.
Surplus campusses must be closed, surplus employees must be eliminated.
The savings will be used to finance 569,000 school choice vouchers for students in low performing ISD schools. Future expansion is promissed.

More education for less spending is the policy Texas should adopt.

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