LEAGUE CITY — It’s been 25 years since Charlotte “Dawndy” Marques was murdered in a League City day care center. But while the years have gone by, the pain and the memories are still present for her family.

That is especially so now that her murderer, Clyde Spence, will be released on parole in March, family members said.

Members of the murdered woman’s family have started a letter-writing campaign in an effort to overturn the parole board’s decision.

“If he is released, we don’t want him in Texas or Louisiana,” said Kim Barksdale, Marques sister.

Charlotte Marques was 26 the day Spence burst into the Little Tykes Day Care Center on Dec. 7, 1988, in search of his ex-girlfriend, Monique Marques. Unable to find his former girlfriend, Spence shot and wounded Joyce Marques, Charlotte Marques’ mother in-law, then chased and shot Charlotte Marques several times.

Spence fled and was caught several months later in Louisiana. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

Spence first came up for parole in 1996, according to information provided by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Parole has been denied since then. Members of Charlotte Marques’ family said they had written and asked for denial in the past and would continue to do so.

The murder was difficult for the entire family to deal with, Barksdale said. After her sister’s death, their mother was never the same as she dealt with depression, Barksdale said.

“We were a very close family before the murder,” Barksdale said.

But since then, family gatherings have been difficult as old memories are stirred up.

“Every year as I put up the Christmas tree, that’s what I get to think about,” Sam “Bo” Meadows said, describing the effect of his sister’s murder.

Meadows said he knows how the murder had affected him and his family and he also wonders how it affected the children who were at the day care center that day.

Spence has been approved for release in March on condition that he go through anger management counseling and submit to electronic monitoring, said Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles spokesperson Harry Battson.

But Charlotte Marques’s family said the 66-year-old Spence should at least have to serve his full 30-year sentence.

“Why should he get his life back?” asked Linda Jeffers, sister of Charlotte Marques.

She and her family will never get their sister back, Jeffers said. And if Spence is paroled, Jeffers said she worries he may try to seek some sort of revenge against the family.

“Are we going to have to look over our shoulders the rest of our lives?” Jeffers asked.

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Stephen Maradeo

He is going to be released from prison in 5 years anyway. If he is released on parole, he will have supervision to make the transition into the community easier and more productive. And safer for those around him. If he gets denied again, that will only build anger over the next five years.

But I guess forgiveness only is spoken about in church. After a quarter of a century can't one be forgiven?

Lanette Harris

Has anyone ever murdered someone you love? Obviously not because if so you would know that it does not matter if it was a quarter of a century or a complete century you NEVER get over it and never really forgive. Although it is not about forgiveness it is about fear....the fear of always looking over your shoulder wondering when and if this person who took someone you love will instantly reappear.

Many may remember a St Patricks day in 1982 but none more vividly than my family. I was 6 years old and that was the day my grandmother's husband killed her and wounded my uncle. You my sir did not encounter the endless therapy, lost family members, sense of being an instant orphan and any of the other things that came along with this tragedy but my family did. All these years later some family members still don't wish to do anything involving that holiday for the horrid memories it brings back. However this man managed to be paroled by the great state of TX after serving less than 10 years and now walks a free man and still finds creepy ways to come in contact with our family although he is some 500 miles away.

I say LOCK HIM UP as long as he can be locked up and maybe just maybe he will be there long enough that he will not make it out! God's peace be with the Marques family no matter what the outcome.

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