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Loretta Davis

They are still making plenty of meth in Bacliff. A drug house next door to my sister -had a fire (and what do you think they were doing to cause the fire). The house was gutted and now they have pulled in a travel trailer and are living in there. The smell is horrible when they start cooking. They have no utilities, but they continue to make meth, sell marijuana, etc. and there is even a prostitute working there. More alarming is that recently there are some young children there...When we yelled at them about the toilet paper in the yard, they did actually pick it up-- but who knows where their waste went.... How do we get these places shut down?

Island Bred

I would call the SO for any and every infraction I could see. Make it unpleasant for them to be in your neighborhood. Course that isn't going to fix the problem. They came from someone elses neighborhood. Kinda like fire ants - solution seems to be you have to cry louder than the last neighborhood. If there are children over there and no utilities - CPS would also be a good call. Lots of calls can be done over welfare checks. Go visit the DA - make yourself known and get any neighbor you can to go with you. Good luck Eventually the law of probability will catch up to them but no harm in speeding that along if it's next door. Course glorifying things like drug dealers on a daily basis doesn't help. Check out the highest rating shows nowdays.

Richard Worth

This ain't exactly news to most of us.

Ann Derek

It seems to me that each city in the county could pay into a fund that would finance a drug task force. The task force would be solely dedicated to working these drug cases throughout the county & getting the trash out.

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