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Steve Fouga

This one is getting sadder by the hour...

Centerpointe Moderator

That's just heartbreaking.

Michelle Phillips

This story is tragic enough. I really hope it doesn't turn out that he killed his own daughter and her companion. [sad]


Well I don't give compliments easy or often, but what the heck, congratulations to Sheriff Trochessett, his investigators, and officers for cracking this case WIDE open!! Well done, Well done,...I wish I could give all yall a raise!!!

Miss Priss

Yes but the credit really goes to Barry Cook and his team of detectives AND also Quanell X whether you like him or not. I believe he is the one who go through this guy.

Lars Faltskog

From his background, father doesn't appear to have been any good positive role model or influence on the daughter. So sad that she seemingly turned out to be a good person, found a companion to share her life. Father could have been envious of daughter.

It will be interesting to see through court proceedingswhy father (or whoever did this crime and transported bodies) chose Bolivar as a depository location for the deceased.

Dorothy Holt

Sorry, it would be interesting to find out why a father would kill his own daughter. Who really cares a flying leap of where the body is deposited? This is one sick a$$ individual.

Carlos Ponce

The murder may stem from the father's Muslim religion. "In Islam homosexuality is forbidden. It is forbidden. I learned today that Larry was a practicing Muslim," said Quanell X. Quannel X claims he found writings about homosexuality on Cosby's Koran indicating he may have had an issue with his daughters sexual orientation.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 7:50 am on Fri, Mar 14, 2014:

Very interesting. And, as I indicated in another post, Quannel might very well be in a quandry. Because of Quannel's muslim beliefs, he likely shares with the father a "forbidden" view toward homosexuality. His current representation of the deceased daughter might be in a conflict of interest with his core beliefs.

A perfect example of how a strict adherence to a belief system that "shuts out" otherwise good people can create inner turmoil to the strict "believer". Bottom line is that it really isn't prudent to condemn one for a "lifestyle" (that otherwise is not harmful to others), just because you don't approve of it. Much deeper is one's character, in regard to treating others kindly and serving society in a positive capacity. Sounds like daddy could very well have been an advocate of "straight lifestyle" in relation to her daughter, yet he never looked to himself in regard to his abusive behavior toward women. Sounds very hypocritical and twisted.

Lars Faltskog

Response to DottyOA posted at 11:38 pm on Sun, Mar 16, 2014:

Au contraire. The investigative component regarding choice of despository of body can be integral in determining the leading causes of the two young women's murders.

That is, could the daughter have said to the father that they were going to Galveston to perhaps cement their relationship in a marriage ceremony? Or, was there simply a psychological reason within the brain function of the father (alleged perpetrator) where he felt that going over the causeway and moving the body in a remote area would somehow diminish the act that he committed?

Along with all of this, it is interesting that we aren't hearing anymore from Quannel X. I believe, more than ever, that his Muslim belief and its opposition to homosexuality has caused Quannel to recuse himself from further publicity in this case. These are, I would argue, indeed the kinds of things the public wants to hear more of.

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