LA MARQUE — A La Marque resident is trying to collect nearly 100 signatures in an effort to force an election to recall Councilwoman Connie Trube.

Valerie Beverly filed the paperwork to circulate the petition Thursday, City Clerk Robin Eldridge said. 

Beverly needs to collect signatures of at least 98 registered voters from Trube’s District C within 30 days to initiate the election, Eldridge said. 

If the petition drive is successful, the election could be scheduled in November, Eldridge said. 

Beverly, who moved to La Marque in November and lives in Trube’s district, said she planned to collect more than the necessary number of signatures. 

District C extends from Yupon Street in middle of the city south to the Texas City Wye and along Interstate 45.

Trube has come under scrutiny for comments about African-Americans on the La Marque school board and because of allegations she wanted to close the city library because only African-Americans use it. 

The allegations surfaced in sworn affidavits by former council candidate Deanna Bethea and her husband, James. In her affidavit, Deanna Bethea said she heard Trube say in regard to the library that “no one uses it but the damn (N-word)” and that the city was wasting money on the library.

In a recording made by James Bethea, Trube is heard talking about La Marque school board member Annie Burton.

“I hate to say this, but she really turned black,” Trube is recorded as saying.

Trube also says Burton helped “gang up” with others on the school board and “that is why the school district went to hell.”

Additionally, Mayor Bobby Hocking and City Manager Carol Buttler said Trube told them on separate occasions that she wanted to close the city library because only African-Americans used it.

The council hired the Olson & Olson law firm to investigate the claims. The firm concluded there had been “a pattern of inappropriate and racially insensitive statements by Trube.”

But Trube denies she ever wanted to close the library and said her comments on the school board have been taken out of context. 

Trube, who has survived one recall election, said she is not a racist and does not plan to step down. 

“I’ve been through this before,” she said. “Its just a process that citizens have a right to do.”

Trube faced a recall election in 2010 when there was infighting among city leaders. Trube kept her seat then, but council members Larry Mann and Deanie Barrett were ousted. 

Trube said she believes she still has a lot of support in her district and that support includes members of the African-American community. She said the recall election is a waste of time and money for the city. Her term ends in May, and Trube said she does not plan to seek re-election. 

“The funny thing is that the people who want to do this don’t come to council meetings,” Trube said. “They don’t know what’s going on. They have no clue as to how much I have voted to protect their rights.”

But Beverly, who has been to recent council meetings, said she wanted to see things change. She said she has already received many offers to help collect signatures. 

“I just wanted to see La Marque have a positive change,” Beverly said.


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(15) comments

Jake Feigle

After reading the affidavit by the Beheas, Mayor Hocking chose to call a special meeting without hearing both sides of the story. In a closed session the kangaroo session began. Council must have found Connie guilty, because they asked her to resign. Word was sent out to inform citizens that if they wanted to address, the Council they must submit their request in writing. But only people with the Betheas were told. None of the supporters for Connie were given that message.. An Attorney for the City was selected to investigate the claims for $10,000. The kangaroo court was still in session. Now there is a plan in motion to recall Connie. Well if people are so willing to recall people why not include the Mayor for not taking action for , what he and The City Manager said that Connie said to them in 2012..They not only failed in their duty to the citizens, but they did not even inform the other members of the Council about the racial comment Connie was supposed to have made to them. The City Manager cannot be recalled, but she can be fired by the Council. Connie was convicted in the kangaroo court, so lets convict the Mayor and the City Manager in the kangaroo court, and recall the Mayor, and fire the City Manager..

PD Hyatt

I would suggest that ALL Council members and the Mayor should step down IF any of them have ever made a racist comment or told a racist joke about any race.... If all of them were really truthful they would all step down with Connie Trube.... In fact I would imagine if you applied that to all elected officials you would have NO one in office ever again....Of course I doubt that any of them will be really truthful about this....

Robert Buckner

Earlybird, this entire mess is our fault. We elect these folks and reelect these folks and the second we do not agree with them we want to recall them. You have cried "kangaroo court" on a daily basis since the day your candidate didn't win. During the runoffs you continued your tirade and it didn't help your candidate to win. The majority has spoken. Get to work on your next selection for office. If a majority of the voters in Trube's district remove her from office then so be it, the majority has spoken. What the Betheas have done isn't illegal or unethical. The timing may be suspect or just coincidence. Maybe Hocking should be recalled and the CM fired. Recalls are part of the process and the people have a choice. I'd vote to dissolve the incorporation in a heartbeat myself if given the chance. As Missionary Man has stated it is podunkville. Beating dead horses will get us nowhere.

Jake Feigle

If the Betheas lied it is both illegal and unethical. Right now, it is only a he said she said issue, that can be used only in a kangaroo court. But in a court of law it would not hold water without other witnesses. Polygraph tests are not allowed in a court, but at least we would know the real truth. It ain't gonna happen.

Robert Buckner

True Paul but to do it in front of city hall, during an election isn't very smart if you are an officeholder.

Jake Feigle

In Mrs. Bethea"s affidavit she said Connie told her these things. That is a lie that can only be proven by them both taking polygraph tests. Here again, do not hold your breath waiting for Mrs. Bethea to take the test. Bobby and the Betheas do not want the truth to come out, because right now they have gotten what they wanted. James has lost his seat and Connie has been rendered ineffective That takes care of the only two persons on the council to address the mistakes made by the Mayor and the City Manager. James has saved the city thousands of dollars.. Quite some time ago, Connie asked for a copy of a water bill sent to a citizen for $32,000. that the City Manager said was charged of because of an error in billing. Because the request by Connie has not been given to her, , it makes me wonder if it is not just a cover up for a shortage in the water department. Here again, polygraphs are in order But, here too, do not hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Walter Manuel

Everyone has a right to try and recall someone, but based on the evidence presented so far, only half the truth has come out.

Mrs. Trube has already said that she would take a polygraph test if the others would too. I get calls everyday from people reminding me that it's now become obvious that others are not wanting to take the polygraph for fear of the truth and their past actions coming out, otherwise they would have stepped forward and taken it already in order to finally lay all of this to rest and for the benefit of the city as a whole.

That's OK though, let them get their signatures and only then if they are successful, Mrs. Trube should do just like Geraldine Sam did when she was recalled and refuse to step down and cause this group thousands of dollars by having to hire an attorney to take her to court and have a judge force her out of her seat.

What's Councilwoman Trube got to lose anyway since obviously she's been thrown under the bus in order for others to cover up the skeletons in their own closets?

Again, it smells like someone doesn't want their own past actions resurfacing with this investigation and the polygraph results would certainly expose it...[whistling]

Jake Feigle

Walter, Valerie Beverly shows bad judgment by calling for a recall at this time. At best they would only get her removed for 5 or 6 months of her term. Hasn't enough money been spent on this issue? But if they think it is okay to spend more money, why not recall Bobby at the same time for not doing his duty back in 2012? He said that he would be willing to take a polygraph test at a Council meeting. I would not hold my breath waiting for that to happen. And the kangaroo court goes on.

Robert Buckner

The American Way in podunkville[beam]. It's ashamed, but its all we have

Walter Manuel

Your right Robert, as I said before LM has now become the "Gateway to Podunkville" and should be incorporated with Texas City in order for not only our schools to improve, but so that our town can finally start growing again. Heck, if this happened we might even have the opportunity to have our own local grocery store again?

Your right Paul, let the first person who has never made a racist remark or told a racist joke cast the first stone. AND they shouldn't forget that ultimately it's God who knows whether or not they lying or telling the truth and that's all that matters.

It's sad to say, but LM is slowly becoming what Hitchcock/Freddiesville was 30 years ago. Just a blip on the map that you have to pass through in order to get somewhere else.

Indeed the walls supporting the city of La Marque are slowly crumbling....

Walter Manuel

So I suppose since Ms. Beverly wants to see LM improve, she will be signing up for all of those committees that the mayor has been asking for during every council meeting?

Looks like Mrs. Bethea and Mrs. Beverly will make for good company trying to find others who are willing to be a part of their little clique.

Good luck with that happening....[yawn]

Robert Buckner

And life goes on. earlybird has forgotten what a recall cost? What a tangled web we weave. earlybird was the driving force to attempt the recall of three council members just a couple years back. earlybird, isn't this a bit two faced? I once respected you but that respect is quickly waning. You and your kangaroo court comments are really getting to sound like a poor loser.

Jake Feigle

I don't follow your thinking. The recall for the rubber stamp trio was necessary to get rid of Gage. I do not favor the recall of Connie this time. You must mean what I said about if this Council raises taxes , there will be a recall for all that voted for the tax increase. If that is what you mean, I stand by it. Signatures for that recall will be easy to come by. Your worry is the cost to the city. But what about the cost to the people on a fixed income? Sure the Police and Firemen needs a raise, but so does all the other employees .The last Council balanced the budget. Everyone had to take a hit. Gage left the city in debt. It will take time to overcome the downfall. Until then it will be very hard to give raises


Maybe if people like earlybird would stop running their mouths and trying to dictate city business from the sideline and actually step up to the plate and run for office himself he could gain some credibility amongst the citizens of La Marque. Until you and your friends leading the effort to recall everyone who you don't agree with actually do something yourself to everyone else you'll just be that guy that always had something to say but not enough guts to do something about it other than create chaos, confusion and a burden on the LM taxpayer.

Mike Matranga

Jake Feigle

I have attended almost every council meeting for many years. I am pretty well informed about the business of the city. I will not run for a position because of other commitments I could not give enough time to hold any position. As for recall elections I have only been involved in one. That one was to recall the rubber stamp trio. Two of them were recalled. I was not a part of Sam's recall, and I am not a part of Connie's recall. If council votes to raise taxes, I will be part of a recall for those that voted for the tax increase. The people that do not take the time to vote, are the real problem.

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