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Joel Caldwell

Not a good decision to replace certified Peace Officers with security guards to save a mere 23K. I know some of the men that work for LMISD PD and they care about the students, parents and teachers they serve. One has over 20 years of street experience in a large agency. you can't replace that with a security guard from Houston.


That depends on the security guard, the certified police officer, and the degree of each one's inclination, diligence and dedication, in doing their assigned work! Shame to say so, and especially for me to be the one to say it, but I've seen it done IN HOUSTON, AND THE SECURITY GUARDS WERE UNARMED WHICH THESE PROBABLY WILL BE ARMED!
( There were ARMED PD working in the vicinity with them, but these Security Guards I'm speaking of, were not ex-FBI, nor ex-certified officers. They were just people, men and women, in school approved uniformed, paid for by the employee, who wanted to work and worked hard in order to keep their jobs).
Using this argument is like saying Ole JBG, one of the greatest kick-butt officers on the East Side in H-Town could not go get hired by this Security Agency, and be as effective in doing that job. Won't fly! I don't know any LMISD officers, over there, so I can be objective about the whole thing! I don't know any of the ex- FBI, and ex CERTIFIED PD officers who might be coming in there either, but I do know about police work, what it takes to do the work, and have seen up close what a dedicated security guard can do, juxtaposed to what many SHIRKERS with TCLEOSE qualifications will do, if not properly supervised and driven.So, lets not go down that road. Lets just wait and EVALUATE the work of the new people, up against that of LMISD'S PD. They might surprise everybody. I don't know how many times I've heard it said that FRIENDSHIP and ACQUAINTANCES should not be factors in getting or holding a job with this district, now it is time to see if that holds here.
Now this school board has done a lot of things which I abhor, loathe, and certainly will never agree with, but cleaning up what I think has been lackluster, and lethargic SECURITY in LMISD is not one of them. I'll save a few silver bullets for any effective rebuttals.

Dwight Burns

Dumb, dumb and dumber. Getting rid of people from the community and replacing them with strangers from another city, possibly, to save 23K is dumb.

Larry Kirkendall

It's a shame that this happened to save 23K but money is money these days. Could/did they not try to reach an agreement with GCSO?

Walter Manuel

The open bid that I have received from LMISD through my open records requests for GuardsMark is for 3 full-time unarmed security guards making $19.75 and hour.

So, again Thomasine Allen tries to lie her way through this one by saying that she doesn't have the details when I have the bid/contract myself, however my copy doesn't have the signatures by district officials or school board members yet.

As I said before, disbanding the LMISD in executive was another violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act by the board of trustees. I have been told by TEA when I questioned the police department being part of the district's solvency plan? I was told that the police department should have been publically discussed not done in executive especially since it wasn't a posted agenda item.

We see exactly how these cowards work by doing this behind closed doors. These people aren't man or woman enough to stand up in public and discuss what they feel might need to be done, but rather they hire a "hit woman" to come in and do the axing and then hide behind a closed door to get rid of Chief Field's because they don't have the kahuna's to do it themselves!

What a bunch of useless and spineless grown a$$ folks! [scared]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should have been "not done in executive "session" especially since it wasn't a posted agenda item".

Walter Manuel

According to the bid submitted by GuardsMark the montly cost of contracted security guards wikll cost the district $10,270 a month and $123,240 annually. This does not include any overtime in which will cost the district according to this bid $19.75 hour with a 4 hour minimum. Any short notice will cost the district $29.63 an hour with a minimum of 4 hours.

According to Guardsmark the district would owe them $123,240 annually for security severices, however on the solvency plan LMISD sent to TEA their projected final budget for security services for school calendar year 2013 is $306,744. For school calendar year 2014 the projected budget is $266,236 and for 2015 it is 275,000.

So when your dealing with village idiots and having to try and understand their mindset and way of thinking, what number is the public actually supposed to believe it will cost the district for GuardsMark the $123,240, $266,236 or $275,000 and why such a huge difference in the figures?

Looks like more shady inner workings to me by district officials in order to keep their friends in their high paying jobs....

Walter Manuel

Danggit! Excuse the typo's...

The $123,240 annually according to GuardsMark's bid is for the security guards working 40 hours a week for 52 weeks.

I suppose anything after hours is up to LM PD in order to handle all of the break-in's that happen quite often in our school buildings.....

Jose' Salinas

Actually doesn't it seem that the 23K, being saved is simply being passed back to the tax payers? Since a security guard, (especially an un-armed one) is only eyes & ears to any incident, they cannot make an original report or make an arrest, only maybe make the detention, notify the local PD & pass the matter onto them. Thus making LMPD the (un)official PD of LMISD. When LMPD is tied up @ one of the schools, it will have an adverse effect on response times to other calls for service. It's a sad fact that you need law enforcement in todays schools. Most of us grew up having MAYBE monitors in our hall ways. Yet, it's a necessary evil that has become a part of our society.
You would think that 23k could have been saved/ cut on another item. (Car, truck, computers, friend, etc.)

Island Bred

What a joke. Employ outside folks rather than local agencies - good move. Pretty soon they will be hiring part time Wal mart security to drive around the schools. Go google up this company. Not sure we should laugh or cry.

Walter Manuel

Give El Tejano a cigar! You hit the nail on the head sir!

LM PD doesn't have the manpower themselves right now to adequately cover all of the streets of LM and yet LMISD to shoveling more crap onto their already loaded plate.

I suppose since keeping their friends in a job is more important than the safety and well-being of the district's students and employees, it's all really irrelevant anyways?

I suppose when a child or teacher gets beat down so badly while waiting on one of the 3 security guards to arrive and call LM PD district officials might have to reconsider their ridiculous decision to outsource the police department in order to justify getting rid of Chief Field's when they had absolutely nothing else to fire him for?

Perhap's the savings in security is what they think will justify opening up Westlawn School for the Renaissance Academy with less then 100 students in order that they can call it "Simms Renaissance Academy"?

We ALL must remember at the end of the day that we're still dealing with a bunch of village idiots and their mentalities....


Mr. Manuel's statement bought up a great point. How many OFFICERS did LMISD have on patrol or sitting somewhere, working the GRAVE YARD shift? If they only had four officers employed,.. I hardly think they had one or two of those dragging the GRAVE yard shift, when break-ins are more likely to happen, because that would have only left one or two to work days when students were at school. Well, I don't know,....Old Ploy- Boy just guessing.
It also would be interesting to know, just how many break-Ins transpired at LMISD facilities in the last four years,...WHO responded to the incidents, when, and how were those cases handled, or what was the disposition of those cases! We might as well put it all on the table, here! I don't believe in burying half the culprits and letting a few walk away. I've always supported being thorough in whatever I do, digging a hole, mowing the grass, giving my girlfriend my money, ....anything.
I'm a firm believer in transparency and just as Mr. Manuel is upset about there not being any, I am as well. There seem to be a problem with LMISD operating in that mode for some reason. What is with all these learning institutions sending for "JACK SLADE TYPE ENFORCERS" from out of town to come in and do the "UNDESIRABLE JOBS" inside their organizations? What's up with that ? Tell Ole JBG the truth.
Galveston College does not operate like that! Alvin Community College does not operate, like that, TCISD, does not operate like that, and neither does, CCISD or FISD! What the "HEY" is going on? When I was ready to fire an individual, for cause, I wanted to fire him, not push it off on someone else!
Actually the way I use to handle such undesirable tasks, were always as of a last result after much counseling, warnings, and support for improvements were offered the employee! It was done by much documentation, and soul searching. So in my cases, the individual was fired months before, he got the word, he just,.. did not know it! However, there was always, ...always ....great efforts on my part in trying to rehabilitated individuals with poor performances, and evaluations, back to being a productive employee, and in becoming an integral, valuable, and useful part of the team once again.

Gary Miller

When will any of y'all ask the real question?
Does LM ISD need any campus police? It seems it's believed there wouldn't be any if it wasn't needed. Actually it may exist because it never was needed. When OPM was easy it may have been a way to "spend the budget".

I suspect all campus police could be eliminated without any problem.
LM ISD police Department is/was a bureaucracy. The first rule for all bureaucracies is "grow". Discovering problems to solve is how they grow.
"Never waste a crisis?"

EL Tejano?
It's not about how much is spent. It's all about who gets to spend it.


Well, Old JBG, Old Ploy-Boy, ex police officer, manager, shoe shiner, instrument repairman, bottle washer, kick but veteran, (I'll stop there, I could go on though), I'll defend LMISD on this one.
I'll addressed Mr. Tejano's concerns since he asked a great question. Mr. Tejano, you have concerns about security guards making arrests, ...but I would ask you, how may arrests in the last FOUR YEARS has LMISD PD made at LMISD facilities? How many TRANSPORTS has LMISD PD made to some holding facility in Galveston County in the last FOUR years? When did they make them and what was the charges and disposition of those cases? Give me this information, then We can move on with the justification or the non-justification of this move to security officers!
Anyway, We are forgetting an important factor that has bothered me for years, and that is I THINK THE KIDS AND STAFF HAS BEEN SHORTCHANGED ON THE QUALITY OF PROTECTION THEY SHOULD BE GETTING, and was one of the reasons parents and kids began to run away from here in mass exodus! I don't care if my grandmother was walking the halls working one one of those jobs.So, lets keep it real, here, and lets give credit where credit is due. I'm glad and overjoyed LMISD is finally doing something RIGHT!
This is a free and vibrant country, and everybody is allowed to have and express and an opinion. I have nothing against that, fact of the matter I think that is great, but a person's opinion, is only as accurate, as the degree of personal knowledge and/or experience that individual possess concerning the subject matter being discussed!



If you go back and reread my posts, I think you will see I'm asking some HARD HITTING, EXPOSING questions! Just saying.....( I got some more silver bullets in my gun belt too!)

Curtiss Brown

Little bet . . . The former campus police chief, Washington?, will be hired by GuardsMark to run the whole thing.

Any takers?



I won't deny that possibility, but in my opinion, this would not be a great move for either side. Their needs to be a clean break here, a new start for all involved. Also, If I was still policing, with the abundance of work, one would be apt put into a career in law enforcement, I would want to continue, doing that, somewhere else, unless I was ready to quit. This is why this new agency is said to be hiring EX FBI and EX PEACE OFFICERS.

Walter Manuel

Everybody just hold tight for sec and I'll gather my information and post it for everyone to see just how precious and darling these students are in the LMISD and then your answer your own questions.

It's amazing how many middle students vocabulary consists of calling teachers the "B" "W" "N" words along with the "F" word being used like it's their common lingo and yes there were plenty of arrests and transports made by school district officials, not LM PD. There is currently a police officer on call with our department now, but won't be the case once the security company takes over.

I'll post shortly the incidences from 2011-2012 and a mid term report for 2012-2013. From what I have received the police department was instructed to reduce crime in the schools by 5% and from the reports that I have seen they are on track to surpass this number, however as is the case with all of LMISD employees, if your doing your job as well as your supposed to be your going to be sent packing with these idiots!


Great, I look forward to viewing those numbers, data, names of officers making arrests and transports, dates, and to where. I look forward to seeing who they released suspects to, and how all felonies were handled,or did they just sweep them under the rug! WHAT Assistant DA took of REFUSED to take charges for such felonies, and finally, what was the final disposition of the incidents of those cases!
If LMISD wants to prove they were worth their salt, then bring on ALL the data and numbers which will convince somebody who knows the business, that they are/were doing their jobs! Right now I'm not convinced!
If all the "D" "W" "N" and "F" bombs being used at teachers, and I hope their are many, because then, I'd like to see, how many ABUSIVE LANGUAGE CITATIONS, DISRUPTION OF CLASSES, DISRUPTION OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES or DISORDERLY CONDUCT CITATIONS were issued as a result of those offenses or did they just continue to let the situations continue? I'm very interested in seeing those arrests and transports to County facilities.
I can't wait.


Don't forget to ascertain the names of the Assistant DA(S) involved in these cases, because that will go along way in cross checking with county public records. Thank you Chief. [wink]


Who is on Call for Mainland Prep Academy? If somebody breaks in their building now that school is out, who is going to answer that alarm? Who would answer that call in the middle of a school term? Why would they answer it? Who would answer a call at the Catholic Church School in Texas City in the middle of the night, ...how about in the summer when school is out? Well?.

Walter Manuel

Here's the 2012-2013 Mid-Term District Police Report:

Disorderly Conduct- Language 20
Disorderly Conduct- Fighting 38
Assault by Contact- 09
Assault by Threat- 01
Disruption of School/Class- 19
Public Intoxication- 06
Theft- 05
Assault Causing Bodily Injury- 01
Drug Paraphernalia- 01
Criminal Mischief- 00
Criminal Trespass- 00
Failure to Attend School- 00
Sex Related Offenses (Felony)- 03
Other Miscellaneous)- 01

Total 104

Now Compare Mid-Term 2011-2012 Report:

Disorderly Conduct- Language 34
Disorderly Conduct- Fighting 50
Assault by Contact- 11
Assault by Threat- 04
Disruption of School/Class- 13
Public Intoxication- 09
Theft- 07
Assault Causing Bodily Injury- 04
Drug Paraphernalia- 01
Criminal Mischief- 01
Criminal Trespass- 01
Failure to Attend School- 01
Sex Related Offenses (Felony)- (no response)
Other Miscellaneous)- 01

Total 104

Here's the CITATION/ARREST SUMMARY for 2011-2012 School Year:

Central Administration: Assault By Contact- 01

DAEP- Assault by Threat- 02
Disorderly Conduct- 02

Drop Out Recovery- Disorderly Conduct Disruption of Class- 01

La Marque High School
* Possession of Drug Paraphernalia- 03
* Criminal Mischief- 02
* Thefts- 08
* Assaults- 01
* Simple Assaults- 10
* Public Intoxication- 06
* Terroristic Threats- 01
* Possession of Stolen Property- 02
* Graffiti- 01
* Abusive Language- 01
* Assault By Contact- 04
* Assault By Threat-04
* Assault Causing Bodily Injury- 02
* Failure To Attend School- 02
* Disorderly Conduct Disruption of Class- 05
* Disorderly Conduct Disruption of School- 15
* Disorderly Conduct Fighting- 40
* Disorderly Conduct Language- 52
* Disorderly Conduct Offensive Touching- 02

Inter-City Elementary School
* Disorderly Conduct Offensive Touching- 01

Maintenance Department
* Thefts- 02

La Marque Middle School
* Thefts- 54
* Assaults- 06
* Simple Assaults- 06
* Public Intoxication- 06
* Terroristic Threats- 01
* Criminal Trespass- 03
* Possession of Marijuana- 02
* Assault on Peace Officer- 01
* Evading Arrest- 01
* Aggravated Assault- 01
* Assault By Threat- 02
* Assault Causing Bodily Injury- 02
* Disorderly Conduct Disruption of School- 02
* Disorderly Conduct Fighting- 32
* Disorderly Conduct Language- 01
* Burglary- 01

Simms Elementary School
* Assault By Threat- 01

* Disorderly Fighting- 02

DISTRICT ARREST/SUMMARY TOTALS for the 2011-2012 School Year:

* Felonies- 02
* Misdemeanor's:
- Class A- 07
- Class B- 13
- Class C- 234

And we don't need police officers on campus???? YEAH RIGHT! [scared]

Walter Manuel

The total for the Mid-Term 2011-2012 Report should be 139 not 104 as I reported, sorry.....

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, you bring up a very good point about the DA's office!

I've made three calls to their office and requested to speak to James Haugh who I submitted all of my information to in order to file an Open Meetings Act violation against certain LMISD board members and have yet to receive a call back from their office.

I can't say what the LMISD school police department has done in the past and what actions were taken by the DA's office, but for me I've not gotten a response from them yet.

So where's the transparency with the DA's office???

Walter Manuel

Another dang senior moment, that should be "Sex Related Offenses (Felony)- "02" not "03"....


Mr. Manuel,
There is no need to go after the District Attorney's Office, the information I need SHOULD come from LMISD PD!!!!!!! They are the ones who supposedly called the District Attorney's Office to procure charges allowing them to arrest and transport.
Come on now, I've heard that LMISD'S record keeping and processes of operation at the PD Dept. was second to none, and recognized as being superb. Is this the best they can do? Where are the names of the DA(S) who took or refused to take charges for felonies or arrestable offenses, committed on district property? LMISD PD should be in possession of such names in their records if these incidents took place. Not only that, they should have everything I have asked for and ALL I SEE IS A BUNCH OF CHARGES LIST BY GROUP and SCHOOL YEAR, which can't be validated as being genuine or authentic!
So, without dates, names of DA(S) places where suspects were released and to whom, ....without all those records, none of what was submitted is valid in my opinion. They could be making all this up! Anybody can list charges and numbers on a piece of paper and hand them over to somebody. These figures has to be validated if they want someone to take them seriously.
Wherever this information came from,....tell them to go back & do some more digging. This is not going to cut it, they can do better than that.
Not to mention, there might be hidden motives to pad figures in order to make LMISD leaders look bad for getting rid of them! I'm not say this is true and I don't want to think it. So, they need to come on with it or let it go.


This is developing into a great discussion by the way. Nice respectful discussion of the issues, just my type. Right Mr. Buckner? I'm surprised that DC Smack-Talker has not joined in. Well, I need to scat out of here for a while and so some work.

Walter Manuel

Well Mr. JBG, seeing that the information that I have requested and received so far isn't to your liking, perhaps you might do better than I've done and ask them yourself for this information because they are making it quite difficult for me to access much information these days.

I'm waiting on the Attorney General's office to get me the test scores. I'm sure they don't want these numbers released before they get their loan secured seeing how poorly the district performed and are having to retest.

The district should know something by this week if the solvency plan was accepted by TEA or not and that also has a bearing on whether the district get's the $3 million dollar loan. I did find out that Ann Dixon is not getting the $51,000 dollars from the district for helping to obtain the loan, but rather a finance company.


Hey,...I also notice the figures they are giving out now for the year 2011-2012, are inconsistent with the last report they (whoever) gave to Mr. Manuel a month or so ago. What the "HEY" happened to all this wonderful A1 books in order, process data keeping, and superb rated system, which was supposed to be the state of the arts over there? Now they don't even know what District Attorney they talked to to procure a charge for arrest and transport. The DA did not call them, they called the DA, so they should know or they have reason to know who they talked to, to get a charge or WHO was the individual who turned down a charge. It should be a matter of records! I know it was not Chief Walter Braun who taught them in the Academy, that is all I know!! Chief Braun is the best I've come across!!!

I'm not able to believe the veracity or accuracy of these figures and/or data and I will leave it at that. Just my opinion, coming from my years in the business and experience in making, and generating all kinds of OFFENSE REPORTS, transporting suspects, processing them into an alternate custody and dealing with Assistant District Attorneys in the procuring of charges for arrests. I will now digress and move on,... into thread hopping. I had a lot of fun guys. It is good to laugh some times or you will breakdown and starting crying.

Shelly Pearl

I am old. I admit that. But when did it become necessary to have a police presence in any school. What is their primary purpose? [ohmy]

Paul Hyatt

The question I have not seen asked is this.... why are we trying to save $23,000 dollars when LMISD is paying over $200 k for 2 part time/ temp superintendents

Walter Manuel

Shellypearl, school district's for years have had police on school campuses particularly because of the behavior and crimes committed by students these days. On the local news tonight here in Abilene the police department was asking city council members for 3 additional police officers to place in schools.

Back in the day when we were in school we had corporal punishment where the paddle was enough to take care of any trouble from a student. Now days children know that they can push their limits and from the reports that I've posted LMISD definitely needs police officers or otherwise the students would really be out of control.

There's been lot's of talk lately that the real problem is that LMISD accept's all the students that have been kicked out of other district's in order to get their enrollment numbers up and therefore getting more state funding to keep operating a substandard school district.

It's all about the money and keeping friends and family members in a job for certain board members and to hell with what's best for the students, district employee's or taxpayer's who are footing the bill!

Dorothy Holt

Does anyone here see the irony of the LMISD hiring a security force much less their own police force for their campuses. Good God Almighty!! When I was in school there was no need for a police presence. Look through the Alice's seeing glass and observe what is really happening.........Wake up America!! Liberalism is a blight on our society.

Mike Meador

I remembered the first cop assigned by Galveston County, Officer Carter, who came to LM High School while I was teaching......and we had more than 5000 students in the district, with over 1500 students in the high school.........with one Big (maybe I should say large -( love you Carter) Officer Carter to patrol the commons and walk the halls. But todays STUDENTS and PARENTS have changed in so many ways. Rent cops are not going to make the difference that is needed to protect all 2300 students (est., likely to be less than 2000 for next year) because they will have to call LM Police to detain and arrest them. What are they going to do with a criminal with a knife or gun? Going to be a lot of overtime rental cops at $20 an hour to maintain school events.......that will take the $23,000 the district is saving for getting rid of the police department they now have.

There were times when we didn't need cops on campuses......BECAUSE WE HAD PARENTS - TWO OF THEM - RAISING THE FAMILY. More than 50% who at one time were marriaged, are now divorced......and nevertheless, what about those who just decided to make a baby-no FAMILY NEEDED TO RAISE.
If we had nuclear families, we'd be sucessful in raising those children.....and wouldn't need but just one Officer Carter to help us keeping them in line at school.

Walter Manuel

Cougargator, excellent post!

Obviously your in the loop to see first hand on a daily basis what the rest of us only read about.

Last year LMISD had 273 incidences requiring police intervention. Having a security firm only means that the guards will be paid for what LM PD will do for free while making arrests, filling out and filing all of the necessary paperwork with the DA's office, writing citations, transporting the students to jail etc, etc.

DottyOA, I'm not sure when you were in school last, but back when I attended LMISD we didn't have 5th and 6th graders having sex in public, nor did we have middle school students coming to school intoxicated. Students at the High School did a lot of prankd on each other, but we weren't having sex in public or pinning a chick against the lockers and sexually assaulting her just because we possibly could. The details of the exact incidences that are in the police activity are shovking to say the least! Perhaps you might consider the next school shooting could just as easily be LMISD as it has been in the past unfortunately for other schools in America.

Let me know how it works out for you waiting on an armed officer to arrive and secure the school in order to protect your child, grandchild or loved one teaching in a school and then we might be able to talk a little about liberalism.

Chief Field's and his fellow officer's have served LMISD outstandingly and it's unfortunate that a group of village idiots feel the need to jeopardize the safety of students, teachers and district employee's in order to complete their original agenda for serving on the school board in the first place.

Now that Mr. Burley is gone and Chief Field's will be gone next month who will the idiot's go after next, it certainly won't be concentrating on educating the children of this district nor will they focus on doing what it takes to save our school district.

They've already proven that their incompetence will prevent them from having TEA do a final take over and send them packing and back to the village along with the Empty Eagle's Nest!


Well good morning my fine feathered friends! So here we go again concerning how good LMISD PD is. I think I have laid enough out there disproving all this rhetoric concerning that. First of all I see we had 273 incidents logged for the 2011-2012 school year,...yesterday it was 240 something. Which figure is correct? What will it be tomorrow?.
AGAIN, who was the transporting officers on all the arrestable and felonies charges? Who was the individual of intake who the transport officer turned some parent's juvenile over to? Who was the Assistant District Attorney who either TOOK the charges allowing the arrest or who DENIED the charges setting the juvenile to go free?
What was the specific date all the arrests and transport happened? Who was the Assistant Principal who assisted with the school functions? His or her name should be in the offense report! If LMISD PD cannot answer these ridiculously common questions accurately without trying to BS the pubic, or by trying to sha-shay around the truth,.. I categorically challenge that any of all these HORRIBLE crimes was committed all! Anybody can write a bunch of offenses on a piece of paper and say here ya go!!! I therefore think some people are just trying to make LMISD leaders look worse than they already do!
I'm going to say this again and I want somebody to listen. This Old Ploy Boy was taught by the BEST, in order to go out and be the best! In fact I still get invitations to SWEET SIXTEEN PARTIES, AND QUINCEANERAS,...on the East Side in Houston!
Some might be impressed with all this made up hoopla, but I'm not. That being said, everybody is entitled to believe whatever they want, as long as LMISD PD knows there is at least one individual out here who still can see through their muddled water.
Now, lets talk about Mr Carter, I go one better, ...when I was in school there were no police of a Mr. Carter! The coaches and teachers took care of business! However, we have evolved to what we see now. Teachers and coaches can loose there jobs for doing what they use to do,..not to mention get the "HEY" beat out of them! Parents can be fined or JAILED for doing what MY PARENTS DID TO ME, IN ORDER THAT I COULD DEVELOP THE CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, AND VALUES I POSSESS! So, don't blame it all on the parents either!
We have a SOCIETY problem, and it is what it is. I know this board is not doing the job as it should be done, but to make heroes out of Burley and Fields, I'm not ready to do! They are far from being Davey Crockett and Jim Bowie in my book. LMISD PD can't even answer my questions as I have asked them, ...see when the hard-hitting, probing questions I have asked sits out there, they always work around them or blame the Galveston County people, when they know good and well all the answers to these questions should be in THEIR FILES,....IF THE INCIDENTS TOOK PLACE THAT IS!!!
Now I have grown weary of continuing this line of discussion about LMISD, I know they have not performed, but that police department has not PERFORMED either, and it matters not who steps up and says that they have, with no proof which can be systematically and accurately verified. I'm done!


Well, maybe not really done......some good rebuttals might pop up compelling me to speak.

Island Bred

I'm confused. Are you saying that the official reports submitted by the LMISD PD are bogus cause they didn't detail the DA in the report??? These are high level reports - the details are not on these type of reports. You should know that. These aren't line item who's your momma reports. They are lofty JBG - you know the kind of reports you give for numbers - not information. Sort of like a quarterly report - if you want to know details that probably are not your business you would need an attorney to get them - these are minors we are talking about.

Walter Manuel

OK Mr. JBG, since you know so much that is not in the reports as you claim then why don't you share with all of us what you know and then there will be no more guessing on anyone's part?

I was told by my one of my nurse's husband who is a police officer that he would guess that the school district police would contact the DA's office and tell them who, what, when, how and why regarding incidences that occurred at the school and it's the DA's office that would tell the police department if they had a case or not based on the evidence that the officer provided to the investigating Assistant DA.

If there was any discrepancy in the police activity numbers reported than more than likely it was my fault because it's difficult in reading the comparison between 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 the way that the document is outlined. I have the reports at home and will gladly review them again and post any discrepancies.

There is good news on the horizon though for LMISD!

Governor Perry signed SB 122 "Relating to the removal from office of a member of the board of trustees of an independent school district" (effective immediately).

Now that we have enough reason's to recall Nakisha Paul and Stacy Crawford we will be looking at creating our recall petitions!

We can only start with Nakisha and Stacy first because Shirley and Edna must serve 6 months into their term before we can recall them, but it will happen too!

We will soon take back our school district out of the hands of these village idiots!


Now Mr. JBG, we're anxiously awaiting for you to provide us with your supporting evidence that the LMISD PD did not live up to their expectations or it'll only prove that the supporting evidence clearly doesn't exist.

It's really quite that simple....


Margurite, I don't remember asking for any minors, names? Where did you read that? I stand on what I asked for and what I said! Anybody can list cases or incidents on a piece of paper, it does not mean they happened or transpired.


I'm sure the Assistant District Attorneys, intake County Deputies or Staff, and transport officers delivering suspects of all those transportable crimes would not mind if their names were included to validate the report so what is the problem? All this information should be in the offense reports in LMISD PD's possession. Right now, at this very moment, so they should not have to call NOBODY in order to access this information. Naw, somebody has to do better that this. I saw one figure today, and a report I saw a month ago that I copied and saved, was different for the same year. Nope, I can't do it. I know exactly what I'm asking for. I hope this helps.

Walter Manuel

Mr. JBG, as I stated there were 273 on the report last year, I will check the report when I get home.

I can tell you the report clearly state's exactly what happened, the officer making the report, exactly what was said or done and the word's used in the report is such that the GDN would not allow me to print such vulgarity.

There is a list of misdemeanor's, felonies etc, maybe that's where I missed something?


Mr. Manuel, I'm not asking for the juicy stuff, profanity, how many times somebody got hit with a club,....nor the minor's or juvenile's names. Just go back and read what I ask for, and if they delivered what I asked for to you, I'll jump on the bandwagon of praise. If they can't produce what I asked for,....then....something is wrong, because there should be no problems. See, officers' names and dates of intake, for juveniles committing crimes and names Assistant District Attorneys working here, now and in the past, and what cases they worked are verifiable. A list of charges or incidents listed under a school year are not. Tell them to work with me here, I'm not hard to pleaseee!
Never mind,...let me do this,...let me just back off of these people and quit giving them a hard time. Things are bad enough as they are, without me BSing around messing with folks. I'm going to skip over and see what the NEST is up to!!! See yall up in the threads!!!

Walter Manuel

OK Mr. JBG, it's a deal!

Now that we can focus our efforts on these recall's we'll have plenty to do besides discussing water under the bridge.

We have much BIGGER fish to fry! [sneaky]

Island Bred

What a bunch of nonsense. I would think if the information is that important - the person wanting it would go ask for it. What is all the run around about. Walter you have given more time, effort, stamps, phone calls, and sweat equity into this effort than anyone I have seen or read. If there is one thing I know about Walter - he misses very few if any details. He checks and double checks.

I have no issues with the validity of your statements or the reports that you get. If the LMISD PD has been hoodwinking the public on what they do - my guess the hoodwinking was far worse with the fella we used to have. I'm wondering if he ever even submitted a true report if he ever submitted a report at all......... just sayin
Meantime - I agree - lets get on with the recall!!!
I'm no Perry fan but at least I'm glad this got thru.


You know what Margurite, I'm not going to post a rebuttal to what you just posted, because I promised Mr. Manuel I'm moving on to other threads. So I'm going to try to do that one more time.

Walter Manuel

Speaking of the ex-police chief, I've requested in open records today to see how the mediation process is going. It should be almost if not completely over by now and I've asked for the details.

We'll see if the board member's give Mr. Washington his $4,500 and 1 month's worth of his attorney's fee's or did they agree to give him much more money than the courts said that he was owed?

We'll see then if the "Resolution of Financial Integrity" that all of the board members signed and sent to TEA was in fact followed as they swore to adhere to or was it simply a piece of toilet paper that I was talking about when they ALL agreed to sign and follow it?

We shall soon see.....

James Dotson

On 1:10 a.m. Tuesday, June 18, 2013, you posted a blog stating my name is Walter Manuel and I approve this message. Despite what James Daniels think others might believe, I myself do not purposely hide behind any fictitious name nor will I ever. I know where you work and who you work for. I will be sending them the insensitive blogs and the number of blogs you are constantly writing throughout the day & night. Does Walter Manuel approve this message?[ohmy]

Robert Buckner

I can't believe you Daniels, as you hide behind false titles. This chairman's status of a make believe organization and this Rev. titile have been questioned in the past with no response from you. Where do you preach? What do you preach? Where does the "Nest" meet? How can one join the "nest"?

Walter Manuel

JED, by all mean's please do forward all of my blogs to my boss and please do state your real name instead of "hiding behind a fictitous name" OTHERWISE YOUR AS SPINELESS AS THE BEST OF YOUR FRIENDS!

Obviously your friends from the administration building gave you my work address, but actually ask me if I care??? NOT! LOL

How does it feel to still be LOSING????

LOSER...... [beam]

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