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J. Shaffer

I'm very pleased that the city of La Marque stood up for it's citizens. Not only were the FB posts offensive, I've met Mr. Decker and he doesn't ACT very much like someone who serves the public.

I wondered about how rapidly the store was torn down on Vauthier.... it seemed premature to tear it down when it was a resale store with inventory inside. The owner SHOULD have the right to remove what is salvageable, or at least inventory the contents. That the fire chief would remove a safe and NOT give it to the owners is a little disturbing... and not reported in the original story about the fire.

Joel Martin

Good riddance to a bad apple.

Raymond Lewis

Sounds like this person should have been gone from civic employment long ago.

Kevin Lang

Whether one likes it or not, when people speak or act publicly, they are perceived to be representing more than themselves. The higher up the ladder you go, the heavier that burden becomes, but hopefully, you develop the wisdom to control the settings where you say or do things that might reflect on your bosses, friends, family, etc. in a negative light.

In this case, does the punishment fit the crime? Maybe not. However, from his (former) position, he should have know that he was dealing with higher standards, and he probably billed himself as worthy of higher standards, and he was probably paid accordingly.

If people can't easily tell whether you're joking or not, the best bet is to assume they will not think you're joking. People that know you and like you may very well get the joke. The rest just might take it seriously.

Lars Faltskog

Sounds like the right decision. This also sounds like a good sidebar storyline for Chicago Fire, or some other crime show. Taking safes, ordering unauthorized demolitions, posting juvenile Face Book jokes - this all could be a set of scenes depicting on what a public servant ought NOT do. There seems to be a particular "psyche" or "profile" in regard to the types of people who post on Face Book unfunny jokes, silly pictures - all ad nauseum. Looks like Face Book should be taken away from some folks, or on their own volition wean themselves away from such foolishness and mayhem.

Evelyn Clark

It appears he think its his way or the highway.I was visiting on the Mainland one day . I happen to go to a parking spot he wanted.and he was in a regular car. I gave him the spot to keep down confusion.

Dwight Burns

I just hope that the Secret Service and the Justice Department takes a good look into Decker's Life. When a Public Official goes rogue, especially one entrusted to "protect and serve," a red flag should go up. Makes one wonder if he, becaused of the power he had over others, misused his official power to ruin the lives of people, just because he could?

"Where there is smoke, there is fire."

Dorothy Holt

The Secret Service and Justice Department do not need to be involved. This nut was dealt with effectively by the local authorities. You want Federal drones flying over your backyard, too, to make sure you aren't drinking one too many diet cokes? We need less of the Feds on our lives.

Leonard T. Payne

He has always been a loose cannon ready to go off.
He got exactly what he deserved.


I think what he has done is wrong and what happened to him regarding his job, he should have known better. It was inappropriate posting and I know some supporters would claim this is freedom of speech, and that's wrong too.

I hope he can find a job after all of this publicity.

J. Shaffer

Decker had a part time job at Sam's Club. That's where I encountered his 'Less than Customer Service' attitude.

I complained to management then. I wonder if they are reconsidering his job there. I hope so, I don't want to run into his foul attitude again.

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