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Miceal O'Laochdha

Norman, I am just shocked that you do not feel completely at ease with the City's ace attorney, Ms. Columbo, providing you with legal representation ...I was under the impression that Galveston officials considered her to be a brilliant legal mind.

Kathy Maddox


Ron Shelby

What are the implications of this type of move (underlying topic aside)?: If he's no longer a party to the case, can he be in executive session when its discussed? Do state statutes allow him not to be a party to this case, since he's part of the elected city council which contracts as a whole? ..or would he have to step down and sue? Can he provide information, research, strategy, etc.... generated by the City's attorney to his attorney? ...at no cost?...or must they generate their own?

Steve Fouga

I'm no great legal mind, but this decision makes sense to me. Norm Pappous was one of two members (Ms Beeton was the other) to vote AGAINST the housing; the other members, some of whom clearly opposed it, voted FOR.

Stands to reason that a person would want to separate himself as an individual from the body named in the suit, when his voting records says he disagreed with that body.

As for the implications questioned by Ron Shelby, these will probably be addressed by the ace attorney mentioned below by Miceal. I for one would not mind being left out of the City's discussions.

Tamala Robinson

Let's just get down to the heart of this. It is about race and the poor. People were displaced from the devastation of Hurricane Ike. The people that were living in housing before Hurricane Ike had to relocate because they no longer had a home to live in. Now they want to come back and live and Galveston's so called elite does not want them back there. Everyone has the right to fair housing and nice homes and all of the people that originally lived there should be allowed to come back to a nice place to live. If any one is doing anything illegal or they are not keeping up the quality of their homes, then that should be a part of the contract to where they can be evicted. Other then that, everyone deserves a chance. For the few that are against fair housing and a mixed income neighborhood or housing, maybe you should decide to move out of Galveston and head to T he Woodlands or somewhere else that is conducive to your high standard of living. Equal opportunity for everyone and for the few that want to right their own rulebook because they don't want a certain group of people to live somewhere , do so somewhere else, just not in Galveston or Galveston County. Most of them work and pay taxes just as you do.

Steve Fouga

With all due respect, TAMALA, you're out of line. You don't know who you're talking to, can't read our motivations. You have no idea how I feel about races other than mine, or poor people. If you read my posts you know I'm steadfastly against crime and blight, however.

Most of what you posted is a crock of hooey, and you know it.

Dwight Burns

Out of line? Seems Tamala has hit a nerve. Oohh! The Truth hurts..

You can dress this pig up, call it what you want, but at the end of the day,
it's still a pig.

Rebuild PH in Galveston..

These lawsuits are just a coverup and stalling tactics being used to delay
the rebuild of PH in Galveston. The Fed is on to the tactics being used here.
We will see who the fools are at the end of the day, because somebodies going to pay sham.


You should be allowed to come back to the same type of housing that you had prior to Ike. The PH that existed before IKE was not ruined by IKE. Buildings made out of brick were not destroyed. I saw them myself aftewards. They were not destroyed. Like all the wooden and brick houses we live in they were flooded. Again, they were not destroyed. Within weeks they were gated: not allowing residents to retrieve any items left behind. The second floors were not flooded.

Then comes the powers that be ( at the time) and they mowed all the housing down. Too bad. Rumor was that PH would no longer be in Galveston. Also, heard that wherever the bus took you the bus did not bring you home. Sounds like an extravagant trip was planned beforehand. After the storm another bus came to Ball High and took some more people away. I was there at Ball High wondering why the bus was leaving ... eventhough the storm had passed.

Maybe it is racist, maybe not. What color were the people who lived in PH? I knew of white people who lived there. Whites against whites? I am not sure that is racism. Maybe prejudice towards those who have less.

As far as Galveston receive aide to help the people. That should be looked into. That was something that did not happen. I knew some people who lost their homes and applied for assistance and were not given the time of day. FEMA needs to look at the amount of money the city wasted on other projects with FEMA money.


Tamale- you were not evicted. Do you know eviction is? PH does not evict people

Evelyn Clark

RAQH, that shows me how much you know about PH. They do evict and they do a back-groung check. Don't talk what you don't know. I have live in PH and it got me on my feet, went to college,work on the same job fo 33 years. My son went to college and I am a proud grand mother 3 grandchildren .one wet into the Navy, 2 graduate and soon my grand-daughter will hjave her PHD, so do not put all Ph People down.

I know of some other people with kids from what you called the best part of town and they may not make the GDN, but they sure do be in trouble. JUST SAYING. You know and I know Galveston is a two party system. one for the RICH and one for the POOR. Texas is known for that. Just look at the 14 year old that got probation and the black kid who was charged for stealing at 14 ,by the same Judge she gave that black 10 years in the PEN. Money talks. I realize this is just a forum but I donot understand why you are so hard on PH. Just SAYING. [sad] [sad] [sad]

Evelyn Clark

Again and Again PH does EVICT.

Evelyn Clark

Mr. N. Pappous, I do not understand First you thought Central School should go to KIPP because they were so much better. (YOU THOUGHT) but like every shool they also had some( BULLIES) Now you want to see that PH not be rebuilt on island at all. Go own and get your lawer, because I feel like you want to be the MAYOR.

How can you say that you are not a (racisr). when you have never visit PH because you thought you were above being aeound BLACKS etc. You feel like you know what is best for every body.

Is it rental property (VOLCHERS) that will increase due to the drop of the income lost for certain people after Ike. JUSTING ASKING

Now you say tou are against the rebuliding of PH on the island. Who are you to say where Black/BROWN should stay.

Gary Miller

Supporting or opposing PH is not trying to decide where someone lives.
It's a question of if they are owed a better place than the taxpayers have or if the place chosen is the right place. If a PH resident gets a free or tax subsized house why then should taxpayers with less houses pay any taxes on their lessor homes?
Do PH residents claim they deserve better than taxpayers can afford for themselves?

Miceal O'Laochdha

Where on Earth did someone ever get the idea that: "Everyone has a RIGHT to...nice homes?" (emphasis mine).

Where did you get the idea fair housing and nice homes were interchangeable terms?

I have a home now that I consider "nice" and I have worked my tail off to earn it. No one gave it to me because it was my "right" to have it. Many others have 'nicer" homes than mine, and they no doubt worked their tails off for those too.

You decide that the Woodlands is a community for Alphas to live in and Galveston is reserved for Deltas? Is that what you are positing? Well the Brave New World of your segregated-by-class society is not one I wish to live in and will do all in my power to derail.

Kathy Maddox

Good for you, Miceal! Well said!

George Croix

Going through bad times is exactly like going through a field of East Texas mud.
You keep on going until you get past it, or you stay there and get stuck.
It's a personal choice to be defined by the past to the exclusion of being able to function well in the present, or even posit rational thoughts.
Victims always speak of rights and outcomes, as interchangeable.
The rest of us speak of goals and accomplishments, as one can lead to another.
Thus we see the result of a couple of generations of 'entitlement' thinking.
Very 'progressive'.
You cannot convince people taught to believe that they are owed things that such is not the case. Taking is addictive. Like other opiates, it's enables one to escape reality, and to blame others for the condition the addict ends up in.
You cannot change the prejudices of people who cannot speak without making color/race the central issue. Such anachronisms can't be fixed. They have to eventually pass on in the course of Nature.
Merry Christmas to all.
Even the trolls, race baiters, and people stuck in the mid-20th century.
Jesus Christ, the Reason for the Season, loves you all, anyway...

Donnie Kelemen

I think this is a great move! For once, someone taking a stand at city hall. I cannot understand why some people are "entitled" to $275k homes. Sure, some could use assistance but let's get real on the costs associated with what they are proposing to build. This is just one reason our great grandchildren will be paying the debt created by our government. At least those great grandchildren that have a desire to work. No one owes you anything.

Gary Miller

Why was the old PH torn down? Because a hurricane damaged it.
Isn't it a little dumb to use taxpayers money to rebuild on the same location?
I guess the spenders think OPM is free.

Kevin Lang

Why rebuild anything where a flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or some other peril once struck? Should we only be building things where nothing has ever happened and will never happen?

The questions that should be answered are:

Do job opportunities exist for these people?
Do the people have an indelible connection to the community (for example, elderly with children living and working on the island)?
Can the housing be built such that they can be as safe as typical people on the island are?
Will an island location allow them to receive the proper care for their health needs?
Will they have suitable access to the education and training resources they need?
Will the housing serve more as a warehouse, or as a viable community?

There's no way to guarantee that any location would be free of perils. However, considering whether the mechanisms will be in place to efficiently and effectively address those situations should they arise is definitely fair. But, merely saying that a hurricane hit there, ergo no housing should be constructed is an attempt to oversimplify things.

Steve Fouga

I think some more questions to be answered are:
Is more PH needed in a town of 50,000?
Are there other locations that provide better opportunities?
Are there safer locales within the general area?

Kevin Lang

Agreed. I think those questions are somewhat related to what I posed.

I'm not sure that it needs to reach 5 stars on all criteria to be a responsible decision. However, I don't think you just build a bunch of housing units and expect that the people will find a worthwhile existence. The worst thing would be to build it merely because you can. If the housing community and its residents don't have the opportunity to be an asset, it will just become a decrepit human warehouse. That would be a waste of not only taxpayer money, but, more importantly, a waste of human beings.

Kathy Maddox

I'm proud of all of the intelligent posts on this subject, with the exception of Tamala. This person must be very young & naïve.

Dwight Burns

Cocodrine, who cares what or who you are proud of? Tamala, in my opinion, is telling it just like it is. Many people in Galveston are sick and tired of all the bigotry being displayed over the Public Housing issue. This has become a blackeye on the City of Galveston as a hold. It seems to many that the City has gone backwards in time. Race relations in Galveston are at an all time low,..are have you notice?

GW Cornelius


George Croix

Good luck, Mr. Pappous.
A wise man does not go skydiving with his political opponents and let them pack his chute.

Miceal O'Laochdha

I would just give away my "nice" home to one of these hard-working, tax paying residents of PH but alas; it is not in the upscale league of $275K, as the new PH is supposed to cost. My place just isn't good enough for public assistance recipients.

In fact, if that is their minimum standard, I guess it is PH folks who should move to the Woodlands, not the other way around

George Croix

With the Bloods and the Crips every issue is reduced to color, red or blue, and so no matter which side of whatever issue is actually right, nobody cares to try to understand or listen to reason, and the distrust, hostility, and mayhem grow and fester and spread.

There's a lesson to be learned there...

Kevin Lang

I believe the cost per square foot to build multi-family housing is greater than than for single-family. More sound insulation, fire separation, sprinklers, and many other things. Plus, since these are rentals, things will be subject to harder duty than most single-family owner-occupied residences.

I think, too, that it cost contractors a bit more to work with the government, so there'll be some additional fees included in the costs, too.

Just because it's going to cost more to build these units doesn't imply that they will be living in fancier digs.

I think that amount also accounts for common area construction. Playgrounds, pools, clubhouses, etc., whatever is included is not cheap either, even if you go with something barely serviceable.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of money, and more than likely, the people will be living in housing that's much better than what they had before Ike, and probably since, too. Very possibly better than any apartment most of us ever lived in.

However, no matter where they build the PH, as a taxpayer, I would hope that it would be built to last rather than something that's going to blow away every 5 years.

Now, if they do focus on cosmetics and not on structural durability, then wherever it's built, it will be a rip-off.

George Croix

"Playgrounds, pools, clubhouses, etc."
Nothing is too much for somebody else to pay for.
As the proposals posited stand, I certainly agree with the last 5 words in your post...

George Croix

"Public Housing
A housing authority may not terminate your tenancy except for :
Serious or repeated violations of "material" lease terms, such as:
Failure to pay rent or some other financial obligation or
Failure to fulfill a family obligation such as;
Not to sublet the unit
Not to keep boarders or lodgers
To use the unit only as a private dwelling
To abide by all housing authority rules and regulations
To maintain the unit
To not destroy or vandalize the unit
To pay for unit damage caused by the family or its guests
Not to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of other residents
Not to engage in criminal activity or alcohol abuse
Other good cause:
Criminal activity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, substance abuse.
After you are admitted, the housing authority discovers that the family is ineligible.
You make false statements or commit fraud in the application or recertification."

Done often enough or not, it certainly looks like PH residents CAN be evicted.
That, of course, is not quite the same as ARE.
A good place to start might be those relatives who come to 'visit' for several months, or longer...

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