LA MARQUE — Residents may notice U.S. Army helicopters in the air over the La Marque area starting Tuesday. City officials issued an alert to residents Sunday to give people a heads-up.

Two Black Hawk helicopters will be flying at low altitude most of the week, said Police Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Randall Aragon.

The flights will happen during the day and at times it will appear the choppers are making a landing, but won’t Aragon said.

“Please pardon the noise and the distractions that the choppers may cause,” Aragon said in a message to residents.

The Army also will be conducting the tests in the Pasadena area. The flights are scheduled to continue through Friday.

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(3) comments

Paul Hyatt

Why are they practicing over civilian populations? Who is the Fed afraid of that needs this type of power displayed???? Doesn't the Feds have plently of practice fields that are away from the civilian population????

Carlos Ponce

Well Paul, they can't exactly practice for martial law over West Texas.

Robert Buckner

Pardon the noise? I doubt it will be louder than the boom boom cars that cruise around 24/7 rattling my windows.

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