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Brian Cann

So the president of UTMB set up a panel to investigate himself, basically. Anyone surprised nothing was found??!!
Who was on this "blue ribbon panel"? How many of them indirectly or directly owe their livelihoods to UTMB?
I know Ann Maisel, she is a good and decent woman whom I trust. She also has a family full of doctors that in one way or another have relationships with UTMB. Not saying she let it cloud her judgement, I don't think it did, but detractors could point out that there could be a conflict of interests on her part. Again, I trust Ann, so do a lot of people in this community, maybe that's why she was the only panel member named?

Let me tell you how all this ends badly for UTMB and Galveston:
UTMB continues to be a mismanaged joke and eventually catches the eye of an ambitious politician from elsewhere in the state. The politician and big moneyed interest start to investigate this rats nest and find what we all know to be here, fraud and corruption. They raise a big stink about it, and lobby to get UTMB taken out of Galveston and put into, surprise surprise, the ambitious politician and his big money donors' district. Remember, Galveston island has been, until recently, a democrat stronghold. The rest of the state is republican, just saying. Why have a major med school in a flood zone, hurricane prone area? We heard all this a couple of years ago, didn't we??!! If you think it can't happen, you are only fooling yourself.

We need to know who was on the panel.
We need to take care of our business, before other interests do it for us!!!!

Laura Elder

Here's a link to a previous story about the panel members:

Gerhard Meinecke

can't get to it

J. Shaffer

The medical branch investigation, however, found that while Anderson, 69, made inappropriate comments and acted in inappropriate ways, he neither created a hostile work environment nor retaliated against the woman. Although sexual harassment was not found.

Well, then. It sounds as if you are willing to overlook 'inappropriate comments' in your search for the harassment that 'doesn't exist'.......

Women, be warned. Your boss can kiss you, make sexual suggestions and ask you to unbutton your blouse....... and everywhere else in the world it would be sexual harassment, but not at UTMB! Why? Because a 'Blue Ribbon Panel,' says so!


Agree, but it isn't just UTMB. In too much of today's culture sexual harassment towards women has been put into the "it was just poor judgement or I misspoke" category. Big business (and UTMB along with other medical school is big business) is about the bottom line and protecting those at the top who are perceived to be the ones that a business can't go without.

Mike Leahy

No amount of white wash, coating a pile of excrement, can mask the odor...

Don Ciaccio

I must say, I'm pretty shocked at the outcome. I hope. & pray that the president picking those that would investigate his actions, along with the two administrators didn't bias the investigation. I just don't feel comfortable when someone picks his own jury. It's human nature to want to protect a friend.

George Croix

I missed it.
When did a few bad people out of hundreds become a 'culture'.
All the hard working, dedicated people trying to do the right thing would likely disagree.

Joseph Cantu

I want to know who was on the panel. This should be public information. UTMB needs to be held at the highest standards! A distinguished educational institution needs to adhere to the values the public expect and not sweep sexual harassment under the rug. So sad.

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