HITCHCOCK  — The Hitchcock school district is getting outside help to improve test scores after being placed on Accredited Warned status by the state.

The Texas Education Agency released yearly accreditation statuses on Friday and Hitchcock was dropped to accredited warned. The status was because of poor testing accountability ratings in 2011 and 2013, which are based on standardized testing results.

The district must improve its academic performance or risk being placed on probation or even having its accreditation revoked, according to the state.

In an emailed statement, Hitchcock Superintendent Barbara Derrick said the district was working to improve with Gary Schumacher, Texas Education Agency certified professional service provider.

The school district is implementing new instructional strategies and offering more small group and individual instruction, among other efforts, according to the statement.

“The district, as well as each campus, has highly developed improvement plans and has been addressing areas of deficiency not only by grade level but for each student since school started,” according the district’s statement.

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Walter Manuel

It is admirable for the superintendent of HISD to contact the GDN and report what they plan on doing in order to address their accreditation status to their students and taxpayers unlike LMISD.

Ii appears that there's more bad news headed LMISD's way and therefore district officials and board members are needing to stay as far away from news reporters and top headlines as possible?

Good job HISD for providing transparency and outlining a plan for your district's future not only to your students and taxpayers, but your community as a whole! [thumbup]

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