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Johann Ramirez

Capitalism at its best. A group has sought out a significant land purchase, provided the winning bid, and has done with the land as they wish. Some socialist my complain that they are removing potentially valuable property off the tax roles, but thankfully our government won't support that.

Johann Ramirez

"Some socialist may complain..."

Paul R Heinrich

Highway 124 not 24.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Thanks for pointing that out.

Gary Miller

Refering to removing the property from development they say
[“We won’t have to continue paying for catastrophic events,”]

But it's ok to continue paying for catastropic events when PH is the issue.
Segregating or warehousing the old, infirm or poor where everything they own can/will be destroyed is politically valuable to some politician(s) but horribly unfair to PH residents.

Real compassion would protect PH residents from catastrophic events.
Instead of helping them start over afterward.

I suspect progressives see only votes and OPM grants if PH is destroyed again.
Each disastor is their chance to get rich on OPM and be compassionate at the same time.

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