Galveston County voters decided everything from new leadership to economic measures Saturday in a variety of elections across the county.

More than 8,000 people cast ballots in the elections.

In a three-way race for the District B seat on the La Marque City Council, James Osteen led with 42 percent of the vote, but couldn’t garner enough votes to avoid a runoff. On June 21, he’ll face Chris Lane, who ended the night with 38 percent of the vote.

Galveston College also will have a runoff in its lone opposed race. Michael Hughes was the leading vote getter for Position 5 with 2,228 votes. But that earned the former Galveston school board president 48 percent of the total vote, meaning he will face Sheryl Rozier, who came in second with 2,049 votes, in the runoff June 21.

Council races

In Jamaica Beach, Gene Montgomery, Sherwood “Woody” Green and Russell Rupertus earned spots on the Jamaica Beach Board of Aldermen, finishing as the top three vote-getters.

In Texas City, Thelma Bowie defeated Johnny Hollowell, 251-27, for the District 1 seat on the Texas City Commission.

In Kemah, Rhonda Treviño topped Teresa Vazquez-Evans for the Position 1 seat on city council, while Carl Joiner and Steve Mewborn won the position 3 and 5 seats, respectively.

School districts

There will be a new face on the Hitchcock school board.

Chad Allen took 77 percent of the vote. Incumbent Dianne James received 23 votes, while Allen received 77, according to complete but unofficial results.

Leadership of the district was one of the main issues in the race. The school district was recently placed on Accredited Warned status by the Texas Education Agency.

Annie Burton kept her seat on the La Marque school board. Burton took 53 percent of the vote with 27 votes, while challenger Jim Malm received 24 votes for 47 percent, according to complete but unofficial results. The school district was placed on probationary status by the Texas Education Agency.

Clear Creek school district trustee Win Weber was re-elected in District 2. With 407 votes, Weber won 54.8 percent of the vote, according to complete but unofficial results. Her challenger, Nick Long, received 336 votes, 45.2 percent of the vote.

Veanna Veasey won the Dickinson school board race in District 2. Veasey won with 91 percent of the vote. Veasey received 104 votes, while Leo Rudd received 10, according to complete but unofficial results.

Veasey will replace Rosella Scott, who decided to not seek re-election after 18 years as a trustee.

Water and MUD boards

In the race for the San Leon Municipal Utility District Board, John Kelly Jr., Joe Manchaca and Tyson Kennedy easily outdistanced two other candidates to earn the three positions open on the board.

In the Galveston County Drainage District Position 3 race, Wally Wostal topped Robert Byrd Sr., 216-111.

Terri Gale, with 178 votes, and Linda Merryman, with 161, won two spots on the WCID No. 12 board in a close election. Wayne Rast came in third, only five votes behind Merryman.

In the race for two spots on the WCID No. 19 board, Joshua Armendariz and Philip Harrison beat two other candidates in an election that saw only 24 votes cast. Both winners earned 11 votes each.


Two municipalities had propositions before voters.

In Bayou Vista, voters reauthorized a one-quarter percent sales tax for city street repairs by a 78 percent to 22 percent margin.

In Galveston County Municipal Utility District No. 12, voters passed a proposition making a $15 fee on water bills to fund the Bayou Vista Volunteer Fire Department mandatory. The proposition passed with 61 percent support.

(16) comments

Walter Manuel

I sure hope that Jim Malm asks the county for a recount of the votes from the LMISD election, especially all of the mail in ballots that were received.

And while the county is looking at LMISD's mail in ballots, they might do well to also look just as closely at the mail in ballots for District B's city council race....

Ron Shelby

MissionaryMan, I want a change in that too, but its sad enough. If only 51 people voted? Anyone in LMISD screwed up. How easy to change a win of three votes. Now your stuck with it. Next time they need to call some friends to vote.

Robert Buckner

I could n't suggest any illegal balloting here in these two races MM but there's certainly a sure sign of voter apathy. It seems that very few cared enough to vote and many of those that did bother to vote were not as approving as you were for Osteen. Regardless of how the runoff comes out, I thank them for running a clean race and not having to resort to mudslinging as some of their supporters did.

Walter Manuel

Robert, I'll just say that the county should review carefully the mail in ballots of both elections and leave it at that.

At the end of the day though, the voters of LM will have to decide if they want a candidate for city council with a proven track record who understands city government, budget, finance and the responsibility of protecting taxpayers money or do they want a candidate who lives with their parents, doesn't work and doesn't pay city taxes themself? Nothing personally against Mr. Lane by any means, but I peronally don't believe he is prepared yet enough for the challenges of this position.

Now for the school district, well the voter apathy that you mention is quite obvious. The people of Annie's district just proved that they are more concerned about taking care of their friends and being "sheeples" to the so-called reverands further proving that they could care less about the children or our school district.

As I said before, the county needs to go through all of LM's mail in ballots very carefully in order to rule out any possible wrong doing....[wink]

George Croix

There's no reason to suspect voter fraud because, as we all know, there's no such thing as voter fraud, and any claims of such are just a conservative plot to disenfranchise protected class voters.
Of course, there's no photo ID on a mail in ballot...

Ron Shelby

There is voter fraud, but typically its not enough to truly impact a race....Unless you have 51 votes. Sad.

Ron Shelby

You can't help those who don't want to be helped by not voting.

Mike Trube

Can it be considered mudslinging if only facts were stated?

Robert Buckner

Only if you can prove it Mike. Now tell us how any of the candidates were "puppets" for the Police dept. How can you prove that? Hearsay and rumors aren't proof and neither is Friday morning coffee chit chat. My point is back your candidate of choice based on that candidate's merits and qualifications. An endorsement by an organization is just that an endorsement. Name calling is just a desperate attempt to discredit someone else and doesn't promote your choice of candidate honestly.

Mike Trube

I am not one to go by hearsay and rumors. And I don't know what you are referring to by Friday morning coffee chit chat. I only go by first hand account of events. Oh, on Ms Bethea's signs, they stated the signs were paid for by Cleat. Need I say more? But you are correct, I do back my candidate by their qualifications. I just did not see where the 2 new runners had any. And puppet was not name calling, it was used as an adjective. That again is just my opinion. You are welcome to yours.

Robert Buckner

So what if Cleat paid for the signs. It doesn't make the candidate a puppet An adjective is a descriptive term, so you described her as a puppet? If as you suggested in another thread that Ms Bethea throw her support to Mr. Osteen, would that make Mr. Osteen the PD's puppet? Cleat's donations would be supporting him in that case along with the PD's endorsement. Whether you called her a puppet or simply referred to her as a puppet is a non factor. You have not proven anybody being a puppet as of yet and I doubt you ever will.

Ron Shelby

What???? No need to throw that around Robert. Its obvious what the problem was. Voter apathy and the absolute failure of candidates to actually go our an run for office. What a sad waste of election funds.

George Croix

Time changes a lot of things.
34 years ago I was pretty unhappy with a guy on roller skates and wearing an orange ski mask, and now I was pulling for him.

Mike Trube

I refuse to get into an argument with anyone over this topic. I just thought maybe we could have a discussion/debate about the issues. I just wish the voters would see fit to keep Mr Osteen on council. Whether people realize it or not, his knowledge and keen eye is desperately needed. Now is not the time to change the bench. Again, just my opinion. Hope all have a good evening.

Carlos Ponce

Hitchcock ISD suffered a great loss with the loss of Dianne James as a school Board Trustee. She had over 40 years of educational wisdom and knowledge with her. She had first hand knowledge of Hitchcock's extracurricular activities in cheerleadling, band,sports, etc. Her knowledge, skills and vision were clear assets for this community.

Walter Manuel

"Of course, there's no photo ID on a mail in ballot"

That right there is the problem....

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