DICKINSON —The city is giving commercial property owners a chance to recoup the costs of changing their building exteriors to resemble those along late 19th century and early 20th century main streets.

The Dickinson Economic Development Corp. will reimburse businesses inside the Highway 3 Overlay District if they meet the standards of the city’s facade improvement program.

The program is intended to enhance the district’s appeal to businesses and visitors and aide in the beautification of the city.

A property owner can apply for a 50 percent matching grant of up to $25,000 based on estimates for work they are proposing to do, City Administrator Julie Johnston said.

If a grant is awarded, the property owner can proceed with the work and submit the required documentation to be reimbursed after the work is completed, she said.

Businesses located outside the district do not qualify.

The planning and zoning commission developed the Highway 3 Overlay District in 2011 to standardize and regulate streetscapes, landscaping, alleys and streets and architectural and site design.

The district’s northern border is 20th Street, the southern border is Hughes Road and the approximate center is the intersection state Highway 3 and FM 517.

Commercial property owners must submit a grant application that includes details about the proposed improvements that meet design standards in the code of ordinances.

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Mike Meador

There are many establishments as you see some on Hwy. 3 could come up with $25,000 to re-style their property......I'm sure some of these establishments are leased anyway...the owner would have to move some out to justify a new business coming in......and does the city think making them "old city" is going to bring new business? In some of the neighboring areas adjacent to Hwy 3 you wouldn't want to have a business, regardless of what it looks like.

Katrina Evenhouse

The City of Dickinson is not looking out for the commercial property owners of Dickinson. Their Hwy 3 Overlay was approved last July, 2012, and most of the Commercial owners had no clue what they were doing... It is greed of our City Officials with Government Grants and H-GAC that will destroy the businesses of Dickinson..And the Galveston Daily News never informed the people when this happened..

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