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Walter Manuel

Here's where those concerned citizens in LM need to be focusing their efforts on recalling someone seeing how incompetence runs amok throughout this board.

SNAFU at LMISD, looks like the board is not the only one that needs to go, but also their attorneys as well.

If I were Reliant Energy, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on LMISD to do the right thing nor would I be running to the mailbox everyday to see if I got my check! [yawn]

Dwight Strain

This is ridiculous. Waste of time and money. These are the people in charge of your child's education and the best possible argument is that they are completely incompetent at best, dishonest at worst.

PD Hyatt

One has to wonder if LMISD will survive not only their incompetence concerning Relian Energy, but now they have the lawsuit concerning Washington.... If he wins LMISD is toast....

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