LA MARQUE — Reliant Energy is waiting to see what compensation, if any, the La Marque school district will offer for backing out of a contract, a spokesperson said.

The La Marque school district somehow signed a contract with Reliant Energy in May after it had an approved a contract with the state-backed Energy for Schools program.

The five-year contract with Reliant Energy began in June. At the same time, a three-year contract with Energy for Schools was set to begin.

The Reliant contract committed the district to a higher per kilowatt-hour cost than the original contract, according to contract documents.

Reliant began to supply energy to the school district’s meters in June; but on Aug. 4, school board trustees approved switching back to Energy for Schools.

On the advice of the school district’s attorney, district officials are not speaking about the situation.

At a board meeting Thursday night, board President Nakisha Paul said there were no updates on the energy contracts.

Veronica Adamcik, a Reliant Energy spokesperson, said the company was notified about the overlapping contracts on July 15 and received confirmation last week that all meters had been switched back. The question now is what the school district will pay for backing out of its contract.

“Reliant has not yet determined the amount, if any, of its contractual damages for LMISD’s breach of the agreement,” Adamcik said.

“(Reliant Energy) does not know if LMISD intends to compensate Reliant for those damages.”

Documents provided in response to a request under the Texas Public Information Act show that the school district approved a contract renewal with Energy for Schools, a nonprofit retail electric provider managed by the Texas General Land Office, in 2012.

Somehow the school board approved a separate contract with Reliant on May 20.

The documents do not say how the sales pitch made it to the board or how the board managed to approve overlapping contracts.

The Reliant Energy contract states that the price per kilowatt-hour would be 5.927 cents — 0.517 cents higher than the Energy for Schools’ price.

A spokesperson for the General Land Office said things are back to “business as usual.”

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(3) comments

Walter Manuel

Here's where those concerned citizens in LM need to be focusing their efforts on recalling someone seeing how incompetence runs amok throughout this board.

SNAFU at LMISD, looks like the board is not the only one that needs to go, but also their attorneys as well.

If I were Reliant Energy, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on LMISD to do the right thing nor would I be running to the mailbox everyday to see if I got my check! [yawn]

Dwight Strain

This is ridiculous. Waste of time and money. These are the people in charge of your child's education and the best possible argument is that they are completely incompetent at best, dishonest at worst.

PD Hyatt

One has to wonder if LMISD will survive not only their incompetence concerning Relian Energy, but now they have the lawsuit concerning Washington.... If he wins LMISD is toast....

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