While many of the county’s taxing entities canceled elections because of a lack of contested races, there are several offices with opposing candidates. There are a pair of referendums voters will consider this time around.

Early voting starts Monday for 16 city, school district, college district and special utility district elections.

Galveston’s hotly contested elections for mayor and every council seat have dominated the election season so far. But there are some interesting contested races elsewhere in the county.

In what seems to be a biennial tradition, the Kemah City Council elections are all contested. And once again the races feature candidates who are aligned with Mayor Bob Cummins vs. those opposed to the mayor’s leadership.

In one race in particular, though, should the challenger win, he admits he is not eligible to take office.

In the race for the Place 3 council position, incumbent Carl Joiner is challenged by recent law school graduate Mikal Williams. As he did when first elected, Joiner is running a combined campaign with fellow incumbents Rhonda Trevino and Steve Mewborn, who are also in contested races.

Williams, who is waiting on the results of the bar exam to come back, said while he’d like to serve on the council if elected, he knows he can’t because of a felony marijuana possession conviction in 1995.

State law prohibits those with most felony convictions from serving in office.

“I thought that was something that was resolved,” Williams said. “Unfortunately, I discovered it had not been taken care of, and I am taking steps to remedy that.”

By the time Williams found out that his past had come back around, it was too late to withdraw from the race.

“I hope to give it a try again once I get this resolved,” Williams said. He hopes to get clemency for the conviction.

In the Position 1 race, Teresa Vazquez-Evans, who is making her second bid for a council seat, challenges Trevino. In the Position 5 race, Michelle Cochran challenges Mewborn.

Each of the city commission seats as well as mayor were up for election this May as well, but only one race is contested.

First term District 1 Commissioner Thelma Bowie is facing a familiar foe in Johnny Hollowell. The two faced off two years ago with Bowie winning in a landslide with 75 percent of the vote.

She isn’t the only incumbent facing a challenge.

Longtime La Marque Councilman James Osteen drew two challengers in the District B race. Deanna Bethea and Chris Lane are looking to unseat the veteran councilman and budget hawk.

There are a handful of contested school board races as well.

One of the most watched will be the District 5 trustee race in the La Marque school district between incumbent Annie Burton, who is being challenged by Jim Malm. The La Marque district faces an order from the state to have its operations monitored by a conservator after three years of failing to meet either financial or academic standards.

In Clear Creek ISD, Nick Long is again trying for a seat on the school board by challenging an incumbent, Win Weber.

In Hitchcock, School Board President Dianne James is challenged by Chad Allen.

There is also a contested school board race in Dickinson as Leo Rudd and Veanna Veasey vie for the District 2 seat after Rosella Scott decided not to seek re-election.

Dickinson ISD also has a $56 million bond issue on the ballot that, if approved, would fund the construction of a new elementary and new middle school.

The district argues the money is needed to keep up with the growth in the district.

Bayou Vista and Omega Bay residents also have a referendum to consider. The fire department is seeking to make it mandatory to have a $17.50 fee assessed to property owners’ water bills to fund fire and EMS services.

What’s On The Ballot

Early voting in the May 10 election begins Monday. Polls are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 5-6.


City of Galveston


Don Mafrige

Jim Yarbrough

Raymond Guzman

Elizabeth Beeton

District 1

Cornelia Harris Banks (i)

Tarris L. Woods

Ronald Dean

District 2

Susan Fennewald

Richard Batie

Craig Brown

District 3

Kate Marx

Ralph McMorris

District 4

David Hoover

Norman Pappous (i)

District 5

Diana Bertini

Terrilyn Tarlton (i)

Bill Quiorga

District 6

Carolyn Sunseri

Marie Robb (i)

City of La Marque

District B

Deanna Bethea

Chris Lane

James Osteen (i)

Jamaica Beach


— Top 3 elected

Sherwood “Woody” Green

Terry Hudson

Gene Montgomery

Russell Rupertus

City of Kemah

Position 1

Teresa Vazquez-Evans

Rhonda Trevino (i)

Position 3

Mikal D. Williams

Carl Joiner (i)

Position 5

Steve Mewborn (i)

Michelle Cochran

City of Texas City

Commissioner District 1

Thelma Bowie (i)

Johnny Hollowell

College and School Districts

Galveston College Trustee Pos. 5

Ann Heidel

Michael B. Hughes

Sheryl Rozier

Clear Creek ISD

Trustee District 2

Win Weber (i)

Nick Long

Dickinson ISD

Trustee District 2

Leo Rudd

Veanna Veasey

Bond election

$56 million to build a seventh elementary school and a third middle school.

La Marque ISD

Trustee Position 5

Jim Malm

Annie Burton (i)

Hitchcock ISD

Trustee District 5

Dianne James (i)

Chad Allen

Special Districts

Galveston County Drainage District No. 1

Commission Pos. 3

Robert “Gradall Man” Byrd Sr.

D.W. “Wally” Wostal

Galveston County

MUD 12


Assess a mandatory fee of $17.50 a month per property via water bill to fund fire and emergency medical services.

San Leon MUD

Directors — top 3 elected

Tyson Kennedy

John Kelly Jr.

Joe Manchaca

Jahn Humphreys

Ginger Grutzius

Galveston County

WCID No. 12

Board of directors

— top 2 elected

Linda H. Marryman

Terri Gale

Wayne Rast

Howard Phelps

Galveston County

WCID No. 19

Board of directors — top 2 elected

R.W. “Ricky” Schattel Sr.

Joshua P. Armendariz

Phillip “Phil” Harrison

Frank Garcia

(i) incumbent

Polling Locations

Countywide voting centers for cities of Galveston, Texas City, La Marque, Jamaica Beach, Kemah; Hitchcock and La Marque ISD; Galveston College, Galveston County Drainage District No. 1, Galveston County MUD 12, San Leon MUD, Galveston County WCID No. 12 and Galveston County WCID No. 19.

You can cast your ballot at any of the following locations no matter where you live in Galveston County.

Polls are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. May 5-6.

Galveston County Justice Center

Second Floor Conference Room

600 59th St. in Galveston

Joe Faggard Community Center

1650 state Highway 87 in Crystal Beach

La Marque City Hall Community Room

1109-B Bayou Road in La Marque

Galveston County Court House

Second Floor

722 Moody (21st Street) in Galveston

Carver Park

Carter Room

6415 Park Ave. in Texas City

Seaside Baptist Church

16534 Termini-San Luis Pass Road in Jamaica Beach

San Leon MUD

443 24th St. in San Leon

MUD 12

Second Floor

2929 state Highway 6 in Bayou Vista

Kemah Community Center

800 Harris Avenue at state Highway 146 in Kemah

Hitchcock City Hall

City Council Chambers

7423 Highway 6 in Hitchcock

Santa Fe City Hall

City Council Chambers

12002 state Highway 6 in Santa Fe

For Dickinson ISD only

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.Monday through Friday

7 a.m. to 7 p.m.May 5-6

Dickinson ISD Education Support Center

2218 FM 517 East in Dickinson

Branch Polling locations

5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


McAdams Junior High

11415 Hughes Road


Calder Road Elementary

6511 Calder Road


Hughes Road Elementary

11901 Hughes Road


Dickinson High School

3800 Baker Drive


San Leon Elementary

2655 Broadway in San Leon

May 5

Bay Colony Elementary

101 Bay Colony Elementary Drive

May 6

McAdams Junior High

11415 Hughes Road

For Clear Creek ISD only

7 a.m. to 7 p.m.April 28 through May 3 and May 5-6

2425 East Main St. in League City

Clear Lake

Ninth Grade Center

2903 Falcon Pass in Houston

Clear Brook High School

4607 FM 2351 in Friendswood

Contact Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds at 409-683-5334 or tjaulds@galvnews.com.

(11) comments

Walter Manuel

It's imperative that the La Marque voters of District "B" re-elect Mr. James Osteen to his seat when he has in fact proven himself time and time again to be a "budget hawk" as TJ stated.

I can't imagine any reason why someone would want to replace one of the two experienced council members that goes through the city's budget with a fine tooth comb, asks questions when they see a red herring and who won't stop until they get the answers for the LM citizens unless of course someone is simply voting to support the desires of a special interest group?

Mr. Osteen just voted in support of giving the LM police department over $556,000.00 in order for them to get more police vehicles, radios and equipment in order to meet the safety needs of not only our officers, but more importantly the citizens of LM, as well as, others who travel through LM.

I can assure you that Mr. Osteen would not have voted this way if he found along the way that the city just didn't have the means or money to pay for it. Mr. Osteen along with this current council has been able to now get us more working days of capital than we had just a couple of years ago because of their committment to following our money and the city's budget and it was done without raising our taxes!

If we want to keep LM moving in the right direction, then we MUST vote to keep Mr. James "Watchdog" Osteen! We can't afford to lose not only his experience and dedication, but also his attuned set of "eyes" when overseeing what the city is doing with our money. Period!


Ron Shelby

Its definitely time for a change on the LMISD school board. The challengers have to be better than the incumbents! Its already been run into the ground financially.

Theresa Bethea

MissionaryMan, How are "we"as you stated going to vote to keep Osteen when you don't live in La Marque? And by the way the money He approved for cars is frozen and gets pushed off the agenda each month. Therefore our police are in vehicles that strands our officers while on duty and jeopardizes their safety.

Mike Trube


I would be very much interested in the facts regarding the so called 'frozen' money and 'what' keeps getting put off the agenda? You are rather vague. I need some clarification on just where you get your facts.


Walter Manuel

Bubba, for your information I live in LaMarque and I work out of town. Perhaps people should start telling the truth when their trying to push their own agendas?

Theresa Bethea

Not an issue as long as voters don't work out of town, live out of town and use a local address to push their own agenda or perhaps their family members agenda

Mike Trube


Why is it more important for voters to live and work in the city when the police don't? And the police can't even vote.
And who has an agenda when the police talk a citizen into running for office so they can put their agenda through? Is it true council said NO tax raise for all the taxpayers just so the police could get a raise?
And according to the flyer I read, it lacks the disclaimer at the bottom of it. I believe that is a misdemeanor. You would think someone would catch that since that candidate is pro public safety. That looks really bad.
Speaking of being pro safety, is this candidate aware of how much of the city budget actually goes for public safety? And where does this person propose to get the money for pay raises and benefits?
As a concerned taxpayer, I am urging all voters to keep Councilman James Osteen on La Marque's City Council. We can't afford NOT to!

Walter Manuel

Hey Bubba, I've been checking around and no one seems to know anything about any problems with the police cars breaking down. There are new cars that have been coming in, but the company can't equip all of the the cars all at once in order for the city to receive them at the same time is what I've been told.

Why would the money be held up by council like you claim when they already approved it?

If you get me the number of the car(s) that is an issue for officers, I'd be more than glad to ask someone to look into it. I was told that years ago this might have been a problem for our officers, but no one knew what you or I were talking about that's currently happening today?

Ron, I respect Jim Malm for running against Annie Burton, however I hardly doubt getting rid of one of the seven board members will change anything with LMISD leadership any time soon.

Ron Shelby

It's a definite start.

Walter Manuel

Bubba, my Mom and I were in front of city hall last Saturday selling bar-b-que sandwhich's for the LM Citizens Police Academy just like you and your wife were, so I suppose this is the "agenda" that you must mean about my family?

We were there in order to show our support and to raise extra money for the LM police department, we weren't there campaigning unlike others....

And yes, we've supported our LM police department as far back as when Walter Feigle was our police chief and have lived in LM since 1961.

Have any other questions? [smile]

Walter Manuel

Bingo Miket55!

Give this man a cigar! [wink]

While their asking those important questions at city hall, they might also walk over to the police department to learn that it's actually the police department themselves holding up the purchase of the council approved police radios not council as BubbaB suggests.

I'm told that the police department will be receiving some grant money to purchase police radios so they are holding off purchasing radios until they know for sure exactly how many they have to buy themselves.

I guess it all boils down to those pesky details and just how much you really want the voters to know in order that they can make a more informed decision on who will best serve not only our district, but the community as a whole?

I suppose I should remind the candidates that if they are elected they are only ONE vote and the consensus of the current city council has been working diligently to be fair and equitable to the city employees when the budget allowed and have done so without raising our taxes!

The city of LM is finally moving in the right direction and there's no reason we should upset the apple cart in order to satisfy personal interest groups agendas.

Let LMISD be the perfect poster child for what happens when special interests get their way...[sad]

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