Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with Galveston this weekend, bringing rain and overcast skies that put a damper on an expected busy spring break weekend.

A cold front that lumbered through the county late Saturday and early Sunday created drizzling rain throughout the county midday Saturday, punctuated by a handful of heavy bursts of precipitation.

Light rain and cloudy skies continued Sunday morning, a mix that seemed to keep many from enjoying the mild temperatures along Galveston beaches.

“It’s been pretty slow,” said Peter Davis, chief of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol. “People are milling around the seawall. But the beach parks haven’t been very busy.”

Parking spots were readily available along Seawall Boulevard at noon Sunday. While parking spots along some stretches of the seawall were full — especially those in front of the hotels along the beach front — large stretches of vacant parking spots lay empty.

By midday, the parking lot at Stewart Beach Park at Seawall Boulevard and Broadway was about half full. It’s sister facility at East Beach barely had any cars.

Davis said lifeguards had an uneventful weekend. Lifeguards didn’t respond to any emergencies other than assisting “a couple of surfers.”

Many local tourism-based businesses were looking forward toward the spring break season, looking to shake off the doldrums created by a chilly winter.

Hopes further rose when local school districts and colleges staggered their spring breaks, creating a two-week window for solid business. And while the weather didn’t fully cooperate, there is hope that better weather is on the way.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service office in League City said Sunday that temperatures were expected to cool overnight into the 40s. But temperatures were expected to rebound into the high 50s by today, then rise to high 60s and low 70s for the remainder of the week. Skies are expected to be clear to partly sunny through week’s end as well.

While the crowds may have been small, police agencies kept busy during the weekend. St. Patrick’s Day parties apparently kept people merry during the weekend. Law enforcement agencies reported 26 public intoxication arrests and eight driving while intoxication arrests during the weekend.

The bulk of the arrests came from Broadway and Seawall Boulevard in Galveston and Crystal Beach.

The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office also conducted a “No refusal” weekend to combat drunken driving. Statistics for that initiative were unavailable Sunday.

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