LEAGUE CITY — A woman is facing a citation because of barking dogs.

Myrna Sanders said she lets her three dogs out into the backyard of her South Shore Harbour home in the afternoon. And like most dogs in the neighborhood, her dogs run and bark, Sanders said.

According to the League City Municipal Court website, Sanders’ fine for the noise violation is $207.

“It is frivolous,” Sanders said of the complaint.

She said the dogs only bark during the day, as do other dogs in the neighborhood. Sanders said she bought bark control collars for her pets after getting a visit from the city’s animal control department.  

The city has issued 57 noise violation citations to residents this year, according to the city.

Sanders has a court date at League City municipal court next week.

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez at 409-683-5314 or chris.gonzalez@galvnews.com.

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Sweet Sue LaRue

Animal Control - The mission is to - provide humane education - to the public. I did not know that they issued citations. I thought that they were to educate you first about the situation and then later on issue you a citation if the situation was not corrected.

Cathy Heikkila

City bites woman over barking dogs? Huh? Must mean "cites" not bites.

Gary Miller

Lady illegaly releasing dogs?
City should catch the dogs and hold them at pound until lady pays fines.
On repeat offence the dogs should be euthanized and lady charged the vet bill.
Enforce or repeal the law against free roaming pets.

Steve Fouga

IHOG, she said she lets them out into her backyard, not loose in the neighborhood.

I love dogs. I hate barking dogs, unless they're warning me of danger.

Lars Faltskog

She could very well have some narcky-type neighbors who have no life, are non-animal lovers, and are bored so they like to call the cops to have someone to talk to. I can see the late evening and overnight as being bad times for a backyard dog to continue to bark.

But, during the day, the little tykes need an outlet. I'd be more concerned, as a neighbor, not with yappy dogs but rather the neighbor who has late night blowout parties with lots of traffic and people going in and out. Or, with neighbors who have sudden/questionable guests who go in and out at all hours. Things like that.


I love dogs but people should be considerate of their neighbors and keep them from barking excessively. It's one thing to bark occasionally but they CAN be trained to stop, so violators should be fined.

Island Bred

This woman reminds me of cat owners who think it's OK for their cat to roam, sit on my car, and use my yard for a litter box. If your dogs bark and the collars aren't working go outside with your yappy dogs and don't leave them out for the neighbors to deal with while you are inside your house. You are responsible for your pets - easy peasy stuff. If you need to be out in the country with your yappers make that move - otherwise keep them inside or take them to get trained. This wasn't her first interaction with the animal control. She deserves the fine. Too bad they will probably not uphold the fine when she goes to court. She's lucky her yappers are still alive. I know folks who have lost their dogs for less. People are not tolerant of having their world disrupted by someone else's dogs.

J. Shaffer

This story seems a little one sided. Ms. Sanders says her dogs are only out in the afternoon; I wonder if neighbors agree with that assessment.

Animal Control, too, may have a different story.

Without hearing from them we cannot have a full picture of the problem.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Margurite posted at 8:03 pm on Thu, Oct 17, 2013,
Response to NurseJayne posted at 3:30 am on Fri, Oct 18, 2013:

Well, that dog looked so cute on TV. But, we're not living next door to it, LOL. I do wonder if the woman leaves her out at night - to bark. If so, she's in violation of peace ordinances. I still think if the dog is out between 8am and 10pm, then that's life in the neighborhood. We have to hear dogs, wood drills, leafblowers, lawnmowers and such.

Even somewhat loud music doesn't really bother me if it's done before bedtime. I think the exceptions are these hoity toity neighborhoods where people think they're exclusive - and they don't tolerate "loud noises" constantly.

Those often also are the kinds of "barrios" that have insane Neighborhood Association rules - like dictatives on the color of paint. Jeepers, I even lived in one subdivision for a couple of years that gave me a warning for not having a "fresh" basketball net on my driveway basketball goal. The directive was to put a new net on, or take down the basketball goal. Crazy.

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