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Don Ciaccio

I hope it was worth endorsing a man that should have been fired. Everyone knew this would happen if Henry was re-elected.

Robert Young

The fact is in November GDN will have a chance to get it right...

Judy Foster

Dennard cautions the GDN, if your not nice to CC we will take it away from you. Amazing.

Chris Gimenez

This is freaking hilarious! The GCDN endorses the County Judge and within days of his securing his next term the decision is reversed to award this back to the GCDN. WOW!

Isn't Hubris Taylor always the one holding public officials accountable to the "smell test" and then they go out to publicly endorse the office that holds sway over whether they get the county's business?

A truly amazing disregard for the "smell test" and the hypocrisy of their deed.

TJ Aulds Staff
TJ Aulds

It should be noted that the county did not award the official newspaper status back to The Daily News. That status for monthly notices - as the story notes - remains with the Post. All of the legal notices remain with the Post... This was an addition to meaning only the sherif's sales will also be published in The Daily News. This proposal was originally given the green light by commissioners in January -- as was reported then -- , but purchasing wanted to review it with legal to make sure it met all state requirements. That was completed last week. It should be noted that for the political stances both candidates for judge said they supported the proposal.

Chris Gimenez

You can spin it any way you want. The fact remains that the GCDN endorsed a candidate/position that is influential in whether the GCDN receives business from the county. In my book it was unethical and the GCDN should have stayed on the sidelines.

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