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Don Ciaccio

The incompetency shown by the tub boat operator tells me they should be sued bey

Don Ciaccio

Beyond belief. They deserve to be punished for the severe impact on Galveston's Tourism.

Andy Aycoth

I think to sue right off the bat is not the right answer,
You sue Lawyers get half . They also subtract what you get for the expenses occurred presenting the case. Also any settlement paid to you the insurance company get part of your settlement for the losses they occurred .
It is better not to file and negotiate directly with the company or rep.

Mike Leahy

Better to wait until investigation is over and clear cause of the incident is identified. Then decide who, of several likely entities should be sued.

Otherwise time and money will be wasted suing the wrong people and then starting up new lawsuits. Great plan for lawyers to start too early, but not a great plan for citizens / taxpayers.

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