There are 21 contested races on the May 11th ballot for the area’s city and school board elections.

While the campaigns have not really heated up, already there are some races of interest.

In Kemah, Mayor Bob Cummins will be challenged by Matt Wiggins, the man he defeated two years ago for the city’s top elected office. Former City Councilwoman Robin Collins, who was defeated last year, is back in the mix and challenging incumbent Wayne Rast for the Position 4 council seat, while Position 2 Councilwoman Pat Buchannan will be challenged by Wanda Zimmer.

In Santa Fe, there’s already a bond referendum on the ballot, and all three offices up for election are contested.

Place 1 Councilman Joe Carothers will be challenged by Shana Hansen, who is a vocal critique of the police department. Place 4 Councilman Bubba Jannett is challenged by Scot Rice, while incumbent Pat McCrary will be challenged by Bob Braeking for the Place 5 slot.

There also are contested races in Bayou Vista, where there is still time for candidates to file for the special elections for mayor and Position 4 council; Dickinson; Friendswood and in Jamaica Beach, where there’s a wide open race for mayor after Vic Pierson decided to not seek re-election.

Two of the three board trustee positions at College of the Mainland are contested.

Position 1 Trustee Bennie Matthews, who had hinted to supporters she was considering not running for re-election, will give it another run. Stephanie Gordon will challenge her.

At-Large Position 6 Trustee Clemon Prevost drew three opponents making for a four-way race. Rachel Delgado, founder of the Galveston County Tea Party, adjunct professor Carol Voight and V.W. “Chubby” Steed will all vie for the board spot.

The only position to go unchallenged is Position 4 where incumbent Rosalie Kettler is the only candidate to file.

In Dickinson, longtime Councilwoman Mary Dunbaugh decided not to file for re-election for the Position 2 council seat. Bruce Henderson and Louis Gill will battle to decide who fills that spot on the council.

There also will be a contested race for the Position 4 seat where Wally Deats will challenge incumbent Mark Townsend, who was appointed to the vacant seat in January.

Longtime Position 6 Councilman William King III, drew two opponents as Greg Bridges and Carol Dean will look to give King, the council’s only African-American member, a tough challenge.

Only incumbents filed for office in Hitchcock and Tiki Island and the Hitchcock, Texas City and Dickinson school districts.

It is expected those entities will cancel their elections in the next two weeks.

Election day is May 11. Early voting runs April 29 through May 7.

Voters not yet registered to vote must do so by April 11.

At a glance

Candidates in contested elections are invited to participate in The Daily News’ candidate questionnaires. These questionnaires, which include questions submitted by readers and staff, are the primary coverage of the local elections by the newspaper. Candidates are asked to send their email and phone numbers to Mainland Editor T.J. Aulds no later than March 15. Readers are asked to submit candidate questions for specific races as well to

May elections



POSITION 2: Bruce Henderson, Louis Gill

POSITION 4: Mark Townsend, Wally Deats

POSITION 6: William H. King III (i), Greg Bridges, Carl K. Dean


PLACE 1: Shana Hansen, Joe Lynn Carothers (i)

PLACE 4: Ronald “Bubba” Jannett (i), Scot Rice

PLACE 5: Pat McCrary (i), Bob Braeking


POSITION 2: Mark Johnstone (i), Bryan Smith

POSITION 3: Bill Spillar, Mike Russo

POSITION 4: Ken Davis




MAYOR: Vern Johnson (i)

COUNCIL (2 positions): Alton Burns (i), Jan Bailey


MAYOR: Stephen Hubbell, Steve Spicer

ALDERMAN (2 positons): Brad South, Mary Morse


COUNCIL POSITION 4: Patrick McGinnis (i), Jim Barr

COUNCIL POSITION 6: Tawni Slaughter, Carl Gustafson


MAYOR: Bob Cummins (i), Matt Wiggins

COUNCIL POSITION 2: Pat Buchannan (i), Wanda Zimmer

COUNCIL POSITION 4: Robin Collins, Wayne Rast (i)



TRUSTEE DISTRICT 1: Edna Courville (i)

TRUSTEE DISTRICT 2: Mable Pratt, Shirley Fanuiel (i)

TRUSTEE DISTRICT 7: Richard Lee Hooker


TRUSTEE POSITION B: Ann Hammond, Nick Long

DISTRICT 1: Laura DuPont, John P. Hermann, Gary Renola


TRUSTEE POSITION 6 (At Large): Rachel Delgado, Clemon Prevost (i), V.W. “Chubby” Steed, Carol Voight

TRUSTEE POSITION 1: Stephanie Gordon, Bennie Matthews (i)

TRUSTEE POSITION 4: Rosalie Kettler

(2) comments

Walter Manuel

I am so glad that Mrs. Mable Pratt and Mr. Richard Hooker filed to run for the board of trustees at LMISD.

It's way past time that LMISD has people with new and fresh ideas sitting on the board and not just hand puppets for the other board members!

Out with the old and in with the new... [thumbup]


I don't know Mr. Hooker, I'm sure if he has decided to run in this particular district, his intentions are honorable, and good. On the other hand I do know Ms. Pratt, and I know Mr. Pratt who served this community outstandingly so many years ago. I think at the last moment GOD is sending the right people to save this school district.

I see Ms. Pratt as the spark, which will lead to a change in the coarse and fortunes of LMISD. I know she can't do it alone, but all it takes is one, then one more, then one more! Years ago, a sorry, mediocre, NFL football team called the Pittsburgh Steelers wanted to become a winner, and ended up becoming a dynasty. They started by first selected the right coach,(LEADER) Coach Chuck Noll, next they selected a little known defensive tackle from a little school called North Texas State, his name, "Mean"Joe Greene, and the rest is history! Joe Greene was the SPARK of excellence infused into mediocrity, and incompetency which literally changed the coarse of history for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I'm ecstatic that Ms. Pratt elected to run for this school board. My relationship with Ms. Pratt is the same as my relationship was with the Mayor of LaMarque before he decided to run for Mayor. I know her, but she would not KNOW me if I walked up by her, and counted from one to ten in a shout! However, of her, and her family, I KNOW much! They have a reputation of excellence,integrity, hard work, and honesty!
What more can anyone want or require?

One thing about JBG, and that is he CALLS THEM LIKE THEY FALL! I don't add to, and I don't take away, you get what you merit with me, this is why I became an Independent Voter so many years ago, I don't want to owe anyone anything but the truth and love. Now, I can see change walking down Bayou Road with a suitcase. Change needed to usher in new and fresh ideas, and a big breath of fresh air in this town, which for some years has been burden down by STAGNANT, INSIGNIFICANT, INCOMPETENT, leadership in our schools here!

I think things are definitely looking up for LaMarque, but now it will be up to the voters and constituents of LMISD to decide if they want to keep spiraling downwards in a free fall into utter destruction, or if they want to do a reverse trend, accommodating the citizens and children of this community in an excellent, first class way! This I know, with the right leadership, LMISD can compete with the best again. We have already prove that in the past, and it looks like we just might get the opportunity to prove it once more.

We shall see, but in the end we must hear the voice, echoing the will of the people, which has been lethargic and apathetic in requiring accountability from public servants inside this particular organization for years. So we will see if this community is tired of being on the bottom of the barrel, or if we have developed a predilection for being the butt of jokes and laughter, because of our failures in the field of education.

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