DICKINSON — Authorities on Thursday released the names of two men charged in connection with a home invasion that involved sexual assaults and an abandoned murder plot.

A boy broke from his binding and grabbed a handgun that sent the suspects fleeing from the Webster home invasion, which started about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 18400 block of Anne Drive.

Webster police arrested Charles Allen Jacobson III, 33, near the home, and Dickinson police arrested James Ellis Barnett, 56, in a traffic stop.

Jacobson was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a woman and her daughter and with two counts of aggravated kidnapping, according to a Webster police statement issued Thursday afternoon by Chief Ray Smiley.

Barnett was charged with two counts of aggravated kidnapping and one count of aggravated robbery.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted the charges, according to the statement, which didn’t list bond amounts.

The statement didn’t say whether police had learned a motive or whether the three hostages, a mother, her teenage daughter and her juvenile son, knew the men.

Police accused Jacobson of sexually assaulting the mother and daughter while he was armed with a handgun. The suspects then bound the three about 8 a.m. and drove them to a field in Alvin. Along the way, the men stopped to buy beer at a convenience store, Smiley said in the statement.

“They were then driven to a secluded area and walked into a field to be killed,” Smiley said. “The white male suspect gave the black male suspect his weapon and told him to shoot the three hostages.”

The black suspect refused, and because he had the weapon, the white suspect had no choice but to cooperate, Smiley said.

“The suspects then drove to another store and bought beer for themselves and soft drinks for the hostages,” Smiley said.

The men drove to the home on Anne Drive to help dispose of any evidence, Smiley said.

“At this point, the male juvenile victim was able to get free and arm himself with a handgun, which the family had,” Smiley said. “He then confronted the suspects, who fled the scene.”

Police received an 11:10 a.m. call about a man with a gun and arrived at the home within 1 minute. Several neighbors helped police chase the white man, who was found in tall grass near a house under construction, Smiley said.

The black man left in the white man’s maroon pickup. The driver then picked up a friend and they went to a store in Dickinson to buy more beer, Smiley said. Webster police called Dickinson police with a description of the truck, and an officer saw it at a Citgo convenience store at state Highway 3 and Deats Road, Dickinson police Sgt. Oscar Stoker told The Daily News on Wednesday.

At 12:20 p.m., several officers stopped the truck, which pulled behind a fireworks business in the 3200 block of state Highway 3. Police detained the driver and another man without incident until Webster police arrived, Stoker said. One of the men detained by Dickinson police wasn’t involved in the home invasion, Smiley said.

The woman and her daughter were taken to a hospital.

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Gary Miller

How many prior arrests? How much did it cost taxpayers to hire lawyers to keep them on the street?

Kevin Lang

Who? The perps or the victims? We have no idea from this story if any of the people involved has ever run afoul of the law before, or what business they might have had. We'll just have to see if any of these people has taken advantage of a revolving door in the halls of justice, or if any priors appear to have been reasonably tried and sentenced.

Lars Faltskog

I'd bet the farm (if I was a betting type person) that most, if not all, involved have had scrapes with the law. Most "home invasions" are not random. If at least one home occupant is mixed up in illegal drug dealing, human trafficking, prostitution - then the rest of the household is at risk of trouble.

Lots of stashed/loose money, paying up, and settled scores to be reckoned with. Then again, the home occupants might have been totally innocent and hapless to what transpired.

Kevin Lang

Yes, more than likely, this wasn't the first time that at least one of these invovled parties broke a law. However, it remains to be see as to whether any had ever been caught before.

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