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Paul Steele

Wow, who is paying for these lawsuits (We all Do), What a concept of making easy money.

George Croix

"...claims former deputy Constable James Gist, who is not named as a defendant,"

The person who allegedly DID the deed(s) is not named as a defendant?
Guess what this lawsuit is all about...

Miceal O'Laochdha

Can we hope to get a phrase as good as: "duck taco" out of the coverage of this latest turn of the screw...

Stevie Maradeo

mmmm...duck taco

Lars Faltskog

I get the feeling these county workers take too much of these steamy nighttime police drama soaps to heart and try to "live" them in their real lives.

Rookie Blue, Chicago Fire, NCIS, Mistresses. Don't any of these folks simply pick up and read a book for entertainment?

Miss Priss

I think the level of professionalism in all the constable offices needs work. All of them.

Ron Shelby

Well. Now there's some money to get from him directly. A jury might not just take back what he got but maybe more if proven true, believing they may have been hoodwinked during the previous trial.

Bella Shepard

Read the article carefully. Gist isn't being sued. The county is.

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