GALVESTON — With the U.S. government 11 days into a partial shutdown and a critical deadline on the country’s finances approaching, the congressman representing Galveston County believes that President Obama and Washington Democrats will agree to changes to the health care law passed in 2009.

“Can we get some concessions for ObamaCare — would I like that? Absolutely,” said U.S. Rep. Randy Weber said Friday. “Would I hold out for that? Absolutely.”

Weber said Friday that the stalemate between the Republican-controlled House and Democrat-controlled Senate would eventually reach a breaking point.

“I don’t think that (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid or the president can sustain their position of absolutely no negotiation,” he said, placing the lack of progress on a compromise on Washington Democrats. 

Both parties have accused the other of not negotiating, though recent polls have shown that a majority of Americans see the GOP as the cause of the shutdown.

Weber, a freshman congressman who was elected in 2012 to fill the seat long occupied by Ron Paul, has been among the group of House Republicans pushing for wide-scale changes to the Affordable Care Act — also known as “ObamaCare.”  

In August, Weber signed a letter, along with 80 other House Republicans, calling on House Speaker John Boehner and GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor to “defund the implementation and enforcement of ObamaCare in any relevant appropriations bill brought to the House floor in the 113th Congress, including any continuing appropriations bill.”

In September, he voted for a bill that would have funded the government while delaying parts of the health care law by a year. The health care delay was stripped from the bill when it was sent to the Senate, and sent back the House, beginning the shutdown that has resulted in, among other things, the furloughing of hundreds of thousands of government employees.

In the 11 days of the shutdown, House Republicans have passed bills that would fund limited parts of the government, but all but a handful have been rebuffed by the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, who is calling for a full reopening of the government.

In the meantime, House Republicans, including Weber, have maintained their opposition to the health care law. On the third day of the shutdown, Weber made a speech on the House floor referring to the Alamo and saying that Republicans “would not surrender.”

On Friday, Weber said that his constituents have called on him to “stay the course” on defunding the health care law.

That feeling is not shared by everyone, however. On Thursday, the Bay Area Houston Exonomic Partnership called for Congress to either end of the shutdown or extend limited funding to private sector workers and companies associated with the NASA-Johnson Space Center.

Surrender or not, as days have passed, Washington’s attention has increasingly shifted away from the health care law and to a deadline to increase the nation’s debt ceiling. The government has until Thursday to pass a law increasing the amount of money it can borrow to pay its debts. If an increase is not agreed upon, the U.S. could default on its loans.

On Friday, The Associated Press reported that House Republicans were offering a deal to end the shutdown and increase the debt limit, in return for health care concessions that fall short of a full repeal or delay. The House’s proffer reportedly includes raising the cost of Medicare for better-off seniors, a move that President Barack Obama has said he supported in the past.

Obama reportedly met with Republican leaders Friday to discuss the new developments, but no deals were expected until after the weekend.

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Miss Priss

I absolutely abhor anyone receiving a check for a job they are not doing. That includes furloughed government employees or congressmen not passing laws or budgets either way. to me, that is wasting more money at this time than anything else. Will someone explain what is it that has to be defunded from ObamaCare? Everything that I have read on the bill results in the public paying into an exchange which is not going to the government necessarily.

Gary Miller

The original cost to taxpayers was estimated at $970 billion over 10 years.
Since passage that cost to taxpayers has been increased to $2.7 trillion then to $3.6 trillion and the latest estimates are out of sight.
You may think unaffordable CO pays and deductables are not taxes but everything government spends was a TAX when it got it.

Richard Moore

It is hard to comprehend just who the "constituents" Congressman Weber refers to are. Is it the folks in his district that depend upon NASA for a living? Surely, it is not the 30 plus percent of the area’s population which has no health insurance. Just who are these folks?
Assuming that there are some folks that he listens to, could they possibly explain to the Congressman that there is a process for changing the law of the land, and that the process does not involve the shutting down of the Government or default by the government on its financial obligations.

Eric Kemp

Yeah, that process for changing the law resides in the House (i.e. the voice of the people) where they initiate the revenue generating legislature. So when there is nothing unconstitutional about their bills, it should not be voted down in the Senate. The majority in the House was voted in for 2 reasons, too much federal spending and Obamacare. That majority is REPRESENTATIVE of the entire nation.

Eric Kemp

Furthermore, not all NASA employees reside in his district and by your rational, since the shutdown affects a small portion of persons and it should be ended to help those small portion, why can't we stop Obamacare that hurts a huge amount persons?

George Croix

We've already funded over 90 million just for the ACA website, but now the taxpayers are being told to pony up over 600 MILLION for that website, because that's what's been spent to date, on a website for goodness sakes, THAT DOES NOT WORK! After 3 1/2 years to get it ready.
Should have hired the average college student to do it.
ONE college student.
A 600% increase in costs, so far, with more to come to FIX the unworkable website, maybe, on just the FIRST step to the ACA, bodes ill for what is to come.
And, now we are told that after all the hand wringing about the 30% not insured, there will STILL be about 30% uninsured WITH the ACA in effect.
I'm not sure if that, like the original figure, counts as part of the 'uninsured' non-citizens.
I suspect so, because that advances the false narrative better.
Toss in the litttle tidbit that the ACA is NOT cutting costs as promised. In fact, it's INCREASING them, dramatically, and new reports surface daily of shocked people finding out that they will pay more even WITh subsidies, AND higher copays and ER costs and such, to boot.
A complete, utter, total, dupliciitous po_ch scr_w, so far.
Deafult? All BS rhetoric, dishonest rhetoric, by BOTH sides.
The ONLY way this country can default next week or next month or next year is if THE PRESIDENT lets it. Government tax revenues monthly are roughly ten times the amount needed to pay the interest on the national debt, and thus avoid default. The Administration makes the call for how to allocate tax revenues in such cases. They have but to pay the 20 billion note each month, then sue the other 180 + billions for the rest.
One wonders if that will be done, though, considering that during this 17% shutdown of 'non-essential' government, the Administration decided that keeping POTUS preferred golf course at Andrews AFB open, and allowing an 'immigration' demonstartion on The Mall, were more 'essential' than keeping the WWIII Veterans Memorial open, and immediately rectifying the blame-all-around screw up of death benefits to veterans families.
The WHOLE 'shutdown' show is one big scam against us all.
Everyone 'furloughed' will be made whole, some after also collecting state unemployment, so paid double. A paid vacation on us, while idiots argue over whether they will or won't 'negotiate'.

Miss Priss

What??? No one has funded 900 billion for website? Where do these people get this info?

Gary Miller

The company hired to design the website was paid, on contract, $640 million. It has recieved a new contract to repair it's original mess. The total of the two will be over $900 million.
Only you called it $900 BILLION.
This information has been available on most of the news outlets. FOX and CNS released it first then the Lib media tried to catch up.

Dwight Burns

Congressman Weber,

Who are the Texans you refer to? I'm a Texan and I sure as heck don't agree with
the Tea Party GOP shutdown of our Government.

There are thousands upon thousands of 'real people' being hurt by your parties
actions and inactions.

I for one am glad your true colors have flown, showing that you represent
a fringe few in this state but willing to take the United States Government hostage in order to get your way.

The Tea Party (American Taliban) has proven to the American Electoric how an extreme idiology can disrupt the harmony of the political process. There has to be checks and balances in our form of Democracy in order that it might serve the people. Compromise: a settlement in which each side makes concessions is corner stone to the end.

Congressman Weber, all Texans do not agree with you.

Carlos Ponce

Congressman Weber is my Congressman and he represents my views.

Gary Miller

What political harmony was disturbed? What compromise did BHO offer?
Political turmol has been the norm since BHO said "I won. I don't need to compromise".
Opposing BHO's policies is called racist by his supporters. His race has nothing to do with disagreeing with his policies.
Being called a racist, when we know we aren't, increases resentment of his racist supporters.
Weber is our Congressman and we support him.

George Croix

Can you plaese explain what 'harmony' there was/is in the American political process, by anybody involved?. At any level?
How is the closing of 17% of the government a "hostage taking" (by coincidence, the same wording as the DNC website uses...) while 83% remians open, yet the forcing down the throat of 100% of the nations citizens of the ACA with it's mandatory fines and penalties by the IRS is not?
While at it, please explain why you think it's a good thing to refer to your fellow citizens, agree with them or not, as 'Taliban'? Do you think the Tea Party members beat, torture, and murder those who disagree with them? Do they treat girls and women like non-persons, subject to pain or death for violation of some simple rule? Has the Tea Party killed American soldiers in battle?
I'm always willing to learn.
Kindly help me understand your thought process that mimics that other guy referring to a decorated WWII vet as a 'Nazi' just because he's pro-Tea Party?

Steve Fouga

The Tea Party is done as a political force; they just don't know it yet. Public approval of the Republican Party is the lowest it's been (28% approval rating) since Gallup began polling on this statistic. The Dems aren't faring much better.

Though the Tea Party isn't a "party" per se, and not officially tied to the Republican Party, it is viewed as such by the general populace. It's pulling the whole party down. My prediction is that this won't be allowed to happen much longer.

Paul Hyatt

Jake the RINO's are done as a Political force like McCain, and our leading Sen. Cornyn.... Both of them need to retire and we need more like Cruz and Webber... Of course if they stray and become RINO"s then they need to go too....

Miss Priss

I would not exactly compare Weber to Cruz - two different leagues here.


In Washington DC, many times when the resident politicians utter the words,
"American People" over and over again for positive PR effects, ...they are uttered in deceit and deception! What they are actually referring to, and laughing about INSIDE is the word, "LOBBYISTS!" Ohhh, they are not about to admit they are not working for the public, but instead for rich private groups!
So, come now,....allow Ole JBG to allow you to listen in on the INNER THOUGHTS of one such politician in DC,..I will not disclose his identity in order to protect his family:
" BOY ARE THESE CONSTITUENTS A BUNCH OF DOPES!" "I'M GOING TO SCRATCH THE BACKS OF THOSE WHO FILL MY POCKETS!" "I got kids going to college,..bills to pay,...and a family to feed!"
Well sir there it is. It is all about M-O-N-E-Y,....and it's effect on those who love,crave, and who possess a WRONG relationship with it,..allowing it to become their MASTER! It is as simple as that! One of the biggest enemies of character,honesty, and integrity is MONEY, and a BAD relationship with it!
Trivial questions: How many American politicians were rich before they got to Washington? How many are rich NOWWWW?
How many of them if they were rich before they got there,....have abundantly become RICHER, from having SCAMMED, and SCHEMED on Capitol Hill?
Your Honor,...the prosecution rests!

Sara Cox

right on, brother

George Croix

Good points.
It's also instructive to consider the great good laugh that so many in D.C. have at the expense of their gullible constituents when arguing about which side favors the 'rich' more.
The 'rich'? As Jbgood says, many of the ones telling you that The Other Guy is rich so not to be trusted, are themselves millionairs courtesy of their elected government position. Even a certain prominent female in the House, who loves to wax indignant about 'the evil 1%', who's name I'll leave out as a courtesy to my co-poster ( [wink]), has increased her families millions by, well, many more millions, courtesy of sweet hearts and deals.
Listening to a rich person tell you that you should hate, distrust, and tax heck out of other rich people (but, not them), no matter what Party they claim to be a member of, should make one take stock of the man in the mirror. But, it rarely does. The essence of politics is to get people to believe that the crap sandwich you're being given is good for you. Or, put another way, in memory of a departed friend, it's telling you to go straight to He_l, and having you looking forward to the trip.

Kathy Maddox

We should all get a tax rebate for any taxes we would have paid during this shut down period.[beam]

Paul Hyatt

I wonder If nobama and company have shut down the collection department of the IRS????

George Croix

Greta idea?
Don't hold your breath...[beam]

George Croix

Dyslexia is soooooo trying....
That's 'great', not Ms. van Susterin...
A 17% cut in my federal taxes due, commensorate with the 17% 'shutdown' of government for however long, say, one month, would pay for a lot of deer corn and my lease fees for next year.
Or longer.

Kevin Lang

Neither the course we're on, nor the course we were on, nor the course that we'll probably get back on, sound to exciting.

Personally, I think that all this discord, posturing, and what not is just their way of trying to get better ratings than the Kardashians and the Real Housewives.

I think if they took the combined cast of all the Reality TV shows and put them into DC, we'd at least have a more entertaining, if not better functioning one, and a much better selection of quality TV to boot.


Mr. gecroix,
They say she is loaded. I mean LOADED! lolololololol. She is one of the many who has been busy looking out for #1.

Loretta Davis

The GDN captured Weber's mindset with this part of the article --" the third day of the shutdown, Weber made a speech on the House floor referring to the Alamo and saying that Republicans “would not surrender.” Do you think our Congressman knows who survived at the Alamo? Adios

Carlos Ponce

While the Texans who defended the Alamo died, their spirit and love of freedom did not. It became the rally cry to which Texans did gain their independence from Mexico "REMEMBER THE ALAMO, REMEMBER GOLIAD." That spirit lives on today in the hearts of all Americans who prefer freedom to government suppression.

Paul Hyatt

The Alame may have bee a battle that was lost but it led to war that was won.... Or did you forget about that part.....

Stefani Mazdanotta

Mr. Weber is apparently not reading his Facebook page. I would say that comments on his shutdown/anti ACA posts are running against him.

Paul Hyatt

I bet the comments to his office and telling him to NOT fail on this important matter if he wants to stay in office 1 more time....

Debra Criss

Weber does not represent my views. He is a tea party conservative playing to his base to ensure he has no primary opponent. He has little interest in the national polls because the district is gerrymandered in his favor.

Gary Miller


Do you know all Democrats elected in Texas have gerrymandered districts.
The courts, using the VRA, wouldn't let Texas gerrymander districts for Republicans.
As each census requires new maps for voting districts Democrat gerrymandered districts are being eliminated.

GW Cornelius

Time for all TEA BAGGERS and GOP to go, they have caused this mess now they can't clean it up. Weber needs to go back to his former job. Time to vote him out!!!!!!!!!!

George Croix

You STILL haven't answered whether you include my WWII vet ex-paratrooper Uncle, who supports the Tea party, in your 'Nazi' comment about them.
Why not? Are you afraid?
Are you ashamed?
Speak up.
Back up what you say.
Show some courage outside of your little internet hidey hole moniker.

Eric Kemp

Congressman Weber is my rep. and he represents my views.

Gary Miller


Steve Fouga

4EKs and IHOG must be the Texans that Weber is referring to...


George Croix

Staying the course works most of the time, but the Titanic proves there may be some consequences if not carefully watching for obstacles placed in that course.
You are dealing with a dishonest, mean Administration willing to hurt people just to advance it's own agenda. Willing to close the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII Veterans Memorial while still sending foreign aid to Egypt and Pakistan.
Willing to close the White House to visitors but keep the Presidential golf course at Andrews AFB open.
When dealing with people like thta who care about nothing but themselves, while claiming to be for 'the little guy', recognize the fact, and do the best you can to point that out at EVERY opportunity to the ones suckered by them, and to the ones paying the bills for all the 'redistributing'.

Lars Faltskog

This representative will finish out his only term by 2016. By then, Wendy Davis will be 2 years entrenched in a progressive new era of politics for Texas. On 2016, Weber will either drop out due to unpopularity, or be defeated by his democratic competitor.

In this interim, he'll just have to try to make a semblance of some name for himself with the limited time he has. Perhaps he can join Ted Cruz' clown car and get some national recognition. Could go to the Natl. Monument and make fool of himself - like Cruz and Palin are doing now.

WENDY DAVIS - 2014 - "The Tide is Turning for a Progressive TEXAS"

Gary Miller

Republicans should do all they can to keep the government slimdown and debt limit where they are.
I can see no better way to prove B. Hussien O. is a liar.
Any default on debt is illegal. Promisses of more spending is not debt.
The Constitution requires debt be served before anything else.
BHO would be required to run the government on current income.
The IRS has enough revinues coming in to fund all essential services, including debt service, with $30 billion left over. Enough to reopen the parks and pay military death benefits.

Lars Faltskog

Response to IHOG posted at 11:00 am on Mon, Oct 14, 2013:

Oh, ! IHOG -

To borrow a term that I think gecroix uses - you just made use of a perjorative term. Not nice!! The correct word is "gay" or "lesbian". What you described is an old used cigarette in British talk. The following link is a very interesting article that illustrates the racism that the anti ACA folks and the Tea Partiers impart -

How shameful that the Tea Partiers compare an upcoming program (ACA) to "slavery" and "the Lost Cause" of the confederates. To try to defeat ACA is an attempt to keep struggling hard-working classes of all races from attaining a better quality of life. Very bad, naughty racism....such an ugly thing.


Well,..what will happen if the US cut loose with all their nuclear war heads at Russia and China, or they at the US? Would it matter who is right...whose views are all that? The reason I ask this is because the attacked party is going to cut loose with their nuclear arsenal,. at those who are sending stuff at them, and the country which ends up with 2-3 sick, radiation, exposed survivors left alive, can brag?
It is the same way with these fools in DC,.... their pride is on the line,...and their EGOS are in the driver's seats of their consciences! So they don't give a dam about nobody but themselves! I say shut it all down,..and let CUBA annex us!
As I said before,...we are watching a bunch of moronic fools doing their best work! I use to care,..but I hardly pay attention to the whole bunch of them now, because they are all eaten up with selfishness and disregard for the general public they are supposed to be serving! So I say let's finish the game. let's close our eyes and go over the cliff,...shut the armies down,...close the silos,....stop making money,...AND THEN WHAT WILL WE HAVE PROVED? Who will have won? I know,..his name starts with an S, and ends with an N.

George Croix

King Pyrrhus should be studied by all of our elected politicians.
What price 'victory', when the cost is greater than the defeat.

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