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Walter Manuel


Already Mrs. Watkins is trying to lie to the public when she hersself told the board members in last Monday nights board meeting that the officers are not writing citations they are simply taking the student to administration and letting the administration handle the situation.

Board member Shirley Fanuiel asked Mrs. Watkins if the school district has police activity logs and reports and Mrs. Watkins reported, " No, they are not keeping any logs".

I suppose Mrs. Watkins is already starting to learn how to lie like the rest of them when she knows good and well what the officers are doing and what they aren't?

If hall monitors don't write citations or keep records then why are we paying 2 high dollar officers to do exactly the same thing that the district will probably be paying someone else barely minimum wage to do?

I guess the district wants to hide the board meeting minutes from us on their website, now it looks like they want to hide all security activity going on in the district from the public and the state?

Rasputia needs to be in the halls as a hall monitor, then we could kill 2 birds with one stone.

LMISD is a down right joke and our students know exactly what they can get away with and so they are!

Walter Manuel

I failed to mention how some of the current board members demanded that Chief Field's turn in a weekly police activity log to Mr. Burley and so naturally it could be obtained through open records requests in which everyone knows was public record. Obviously this is not the case any more in the district?

Certain board members also demanded that OUR officers be stationed out in the parking lots at certain times of the day as well in order to make sure that students were no leaving school. In the last couple of months while on the job, the chief of police was also required to write do every 30 minutes what he was doing the 30 minutes prior for the entire day. Is this currently being required of these other officers and if not what's changed???

Now NOT ONLY does the district want to hide from the public their approved board meeting meetings on the district's web site, it now appears that they want to hide their numbers of security issues and police activity going on in the district so that they don't have to answer to the public regarding the high number of incidences occurring in the district with such a pathetic level of security in place?

It's way past time that the public start directing questions to the Texas Education Agency because until everyone does the district will think that they can hide anything and everything from us based on our need to know basis as we're already finding out is being done each and every day.

I didn't think watching someone with egg on your face and having to eat crow at the same time was possible, but I suppose I've never in my life seen the likes of such people who are failing miserably to adequately run LMISD either? [crying]

Walter Manuel


LOL, that should have been, "chief of police was also required to write "down" every 30 minutes" [wink]

Carlos Ponce

Let's see if this idea works. I believe that in a week or so it will be modified to meet circumstances. It is better than sitting on your hands and doing nothing. I still believe that this will take a community effort by pastors and parents. Too bad the only person expelled from American public schools was Jesus Christ. When morality and prayer were removed from public schools, bad things moved in. Are you surprised?

Walter Manuel

Carlos, your right about things changing in public school when prayer was taken out of them.

Don't count on the pastors here locally getting involved with LMISD to help do damage control for the few who were involved in bringing this district down to where it is today. One thing that you could count on though, if there was a protest or demonstration staged somewhere certain so-called pastors would be there for sure, otherwise their just talk and no action.

I agree that these parents that have children in the district have to get more involved with what's happening with their child and their education and until that happens nothing will change any time soon.

This district keeps saying that everything that their doing is "within the solvency plan". How much can you keep adding to a solvency plan that wasn't to TEA's liking to begin with it before what they are no longer doing what's in the solvency plan???

I smell a rat somewhere and will have to do some digging to find it like how much is the Renassaince Academy costing the district with having only 84 students at Westlawn and is the district in the black or the red with that school, along with asking how much did the school district budget for Blazin Brook for teachers this year and how much have they already spent so far?

And lastly, what exactly is in this wonderful solvency plan that everyone keeps saying can handle all the things that the district keeps changing and adding to it before it can't handle something else?

Perhaps I'll have to ask for a copy of it as well! [wink]


I believe Terri is trying to bring in things that other districts in our county do and hope that it works. With the budget restraints it is not as if she has a lot of working room. The financial issues were there before she came, She is trying to clean up the mess others have left for her.

In two of the districts where she has worked students were brought to the office and spoke with the assistant principals. The Assitant Principals have their guidelines in place which follows the district guidelines. If a citation is needed the officer takes over with that portion. Now, if it is a fight that would be an assault which would be a citation. Each situation has to be investigated. The district cannot just slap a citation down unless they have the proof and it is warranted. Remember, they can be sued as well. Now, bring drugs and/or weapons to school is an automatic ticket and expulsion which is an assignment to DAEP or Juvenile depending on the individual's record.

It is sad that schools have come to this. When I first started teaching we did not need monitors in the halls. Actually, from my first year and until my 12th year we did not have monitors nor cameras not horrible discipline. Of course, I did not teach in Galveston County. I was in Harris County. That is not to say that things are worse down here. This is how it is now at the schools I used to work in. So, who wants to bring back the paddle and instill discipline in the kids in the elementary grades. Military schools work well.

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