DICKINSON — Prosecutors agreed to dismiss a robbery charge against a former bank teller after he pleaded no contest Friday to misdemeanor theft, court documents reveal.

Jeremy Lloyd Winston, 24, of Texas City received deferred adjudication and six months of probation in connection with the July 23, 2011, robbery of Texas First Bank, 4301 state Highway 3, in Dickinson.

Winston was among three people charged with aggravated robbery in the heist of $10,000 after police learned he knew the gunmen, Noah Lee Nava, 22, and Jonthon Ray Price, 24. Winston remained quite about the matter until police looked at his Facebook page and found a picture of him with Nava. Winston’s brother was Nava’s best friend, court testimony revealed.

A jury convicted Nava in June of aggravated kidnapping and robbery charges and sentenced him to 25 years in prison. Price pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for an 18-year prison term.

Nava and Price kidnapped a Galveston resident, leaving him unhurt on a deserted beach, and used his car in the robbery. 

Police focused on Winston after reviewing the bank’s surveillance video, which showed one of the robbers jumping the counter and turning his back to Winston while looking at a female bank employee.

Winston, in his testimony against Nava, claimed he didn’t help set up the robbery, but he admitted to meeting Nava at a convenience store days after the robbery and accepting $500 from him. Winston claimed he used the money for two car payments and for automobile insurance.

The plea bargain requires Winston to perform 18 hours of community service and complete an anti-theft class, among other things.

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(5) comments

J. Shaffer

"Winston remained quite about the matter until....."

Or quiet?

A good job at a financial institution and Winston threw it away for five hundred smackers.

I know people who would LOVE to be lucky enough to find that job. No hard labor, A/C all day and 'banker's hours'.....

Crime doesn't pay; you will learn that lesson even better when you try to find another job with a criminal record: no bank will have you.

Freaky Tiki

"Winston remained quite about the matter until police looked at his Facebook page and found a picture of him with Nava." Good thing he remained "quite."


All the facts and decisions concerning this incident are not adding up to justice in my opinion,.... but this is Galveston County justice,...so what else is new?


What scum bags! Endangering people lives. Remember if you steal you will get caught! Do the crime, do the time.

Mark Johnson

Deferred adjudication and six months of probation. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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