DICKINSON — A boy bound during a Wednesday home invasion grabbed a gun and sent the suspects fleeing in an incident in Webster that police said involved two sexual assaults and an abandoned murder plot.

Police in Dickinson ultimately detained two men, but Webster police didn’t immediately release the names of the suspects, pending formal charges.

Authorities first learned of the incident at 11:10 a.m. after receiving a report of a man with a gun in the 18400 block of Anne Drive, Webster police Chief Ray Smiley said in a statement.

‘They were to be murdered’

The incident began about 4:30 a.m. when two men entered the home and held three residents hostage. During the home invasion, police accused one man, described only as white, of sexually assaulting two women.

“The suspects then tied all three residents and drove them to a field in Alvin, where they were to be murdered,” Smiley said. “However, the black male suspect was able to talk the white male out of killing the victims.”

Getting the gun

Police accused the suspects of returning the victims to the home on Anne Drive to help dispose of evidence.

“At this point, the male juvenile victim was able to get free and arm himself with a handgun, which the family had,” Smiley said. “He then confronted the suspects, who fled the scene.”

The boy’s age wasn’t listed in the statement.

Police detained the white man in the area of the home and learned a second man, described only as black, left in a maroon pickup.

Webster police called Dickinson police, providing a description of the truck. A Dickinson officer spotted the truck at a Citgo convenience store at state Highway 3 and Deats Road, Dickinson police Sgt. Oscar Stoker said.

The officer believed at first that no one was in the truck and saw a man, described as black, leave the store. The man entered the driver’s side, Stoker said. Several officers stopped the truck, which pulled behind a fireworks business in the 3200 block of state Highway 3 at 12:20 p.m., Stoker said.

No charges

Police found two men in the pickup and detained them until Webster police arrived. Dickinson police had no charges against them, Stoker said.

One of the men detained by Dickinson was not involved in the home invasion, Smiley said.

The case remained under investigation Wednesday, including whether the suspects knew the victims, Webster assistant police Chief Tomas Claunch said.

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Lars Faltskog

Well, I'd be willing to bet that the suspects knew the victims - and probably quite well. "Home invasions" are usually done for a reason - either to settle a score involving drugs, domestic issues, et cetera.

I doubt if a group of criminals would invade a home in the wee hours of the night and go through all that effort unless there was an important reason in their criminal minds.

Would be good to see in the article if there was a possible motive or clue to the reason for the invasion. Seems as though articles like these tend to leave out the "why" - which is supposed to be one of the rules of journalism reporting - at least that's what I've heard.

Paul Hyatt

Who really cares about the why.... The family having a gun around for the young man to get ahold of is what saved the day after he got free.... Just another reason why disarming our nation like the goofy progressives want to do is such a stupid idea....

Lars Faltskog

Response to Paul Hyatt posted at 12:24 pm on Thu, Mar 7, 2013:

Well, the child and family were lucky that it all ended without tragedy. And, if I were a member of this family (and if my family was upright) I would wonder WHY my family was targeted.

If it weren't for the progressives, those nagging civil liberty quandaries such as slaveey and women's rights would still be sticking in our craw.

Paul Hyatt

Yes your president worries about civil liberties doesn't he.... Getting the authority from the goof ball Holder to strike citizens in the US with drones.... Yes we are so worried about civil liberties aren't we.... NOT.... Sort of like you worry about our liberties as you all try to steal our guns away from us while allowing the criminals to keep theirs.... Yes I see how you progressives worry about us so much....

Lars Faltskog


No gun for you to play with tonight after dinner. Straight to bed, young man!

Kevin Lang

The gun, at the time he got a hold of it, had very little to do with saving the lives of the other two people, and it certainly didn't protect the wormen from sexual assault.

I think it's important to note that while the gun did evenutally trigger the end of the ordeal, had the gun been in the right location when this all began, it might not have gone on as long or as far as it did. Also notable was that it was just a mere handgun that that got the bad buys to flee. He didn't need an "assault rifle" or any other "macho" gun. Those crooks didn't want anything pointing back at them.

Paul Hyatt

If you want a pea shooter to be armed with when the bad guys come so be it, but please do not hinder me from having a truck load of ammo and what ever it takes to keep them at bay from my home....

Kevin Lang

Paul, my focus is on keeping them from getting close enough to where they have to worry about what guns I have. I'm trying to not lure them in. If I want to swim in the bay, instead of chumming my waters, I'll let the sharks swarm where others have chummed.

Lars Faltskog

Well, Kev, it may be a long and hard sell to spread word of sensible means to protect hearth and home. However, there is no other choice as our earth continues to spin to be the voice of reason.

I would have to be convinced otherwise differently, but because of the gun being on premises and in reach of children - that the household is probably routinely in turmoil. And, in constant fear of reprisals. More meets the eye, as I don't doubt that a lot of dangerous and illegalness darkens this household's doorways.

Paul Hyatt

You speak of reason and yet you spew illogical reasoning.... Why don't you just put up a sign in front of your house stating that this is a gun free zone and we will wait for the police to protect us.... I would be willing to bet you do not have the guts to do that....


If you dont want to pay for this news go to...


Lars Faltskog

Response to Paul Hyatt posted at 7:04 am on Fri, Mar 8, 2013:

Well, Paul - I have no doubt in my mind that you're well-read enough to know the real reason that, a couple of decades ago, the schools erected "Gun Free Zones" throughout this land. It had nothing to do with adult criminals, nothing to do with mass shooters.

The "Gun Free Zones" were in response to the CHILDREN who were increasingly bringing guns to school to "settle scores", or simply to measure up to classmates - that is, to impress them in that they indeed obtained a gun. Guns were going off in restrooms, dressing rooms, in classrooms, hallways.

As we all know, times change. Now, we have to try to respond and work the best way we can to keep crazed adults from going off on school grounds. It's a sickness that we didn't have to face with decades ago.

Would I, or anyone else for that matter, place a "Gun Free Zone" sign on my front yard. Of course not. I don't have hundreds of schoolchildren who visit my home, with a handful of those children thinking it's "cool" to carry a gun on the premises.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Paul Hyatt posted at 7:02 am on Fri, Mar 8, 2013:

Paul, you seem to have a militant reaction toward defending hearth and home. Did you suffer from a tragedy in your past that predispositions you to respond in the manner that you do? Just wondering.

Life's worth enjoying, not fearing the boogeyman to darken our doorways, every waking minute, every waking hour.

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