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J. Shaffer

So they fire him and refuse to say why? Awfully suspicious.

Doyle Beard

sounds like they did not like him.

Richard Worth

Politician "I can't discuss that due to legal reasons."

Translation "What we just did in secret is completely illegal."

william martinez

maybe done in secret (closed session) but not illegal........

Miss Priss

Oh so that makes it okay.

Maybe Kennelly wanted to do something about those disgraceful game rooms over there and Lee Sanders didn't like that idea.

Maybe Glen Manis will get his police chief job back.[wink]

Miss Priss

See how rumors get fed when you don't supply information?

Chris Gimenez

Well you've certainly perfected the art of spreading rumors.

Walter Manuel

LOL Truthserum, your good, ummm I mean bad! [wink]

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