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Lars Faltskog

I'm of the opinion more and more that security at all of our schools need to be regarded in much the same way as security at banks are. That is, at the VERY front entryway of schools there needs to be a permanent and armed guard. And, that is the definitive first step of entry to the institution.

Oftentimes, the scenario is that a volitile person shows up in the front office and let's face it, the hard-working receptionists/office assistants and school secretaries are not equipped to ward off potential dangerous person(s).

There's often talk that teachers should be armed? That is a foolish premise. Most teachers are not into weaponry. And, imagine a somewhat non-coordinated teacher's gun in her purse on her desk, and one of the stickyfingered students gets ahold of it.

Gary Miller

Arming teachers need not include guns. Some, CHL or NRA, teachers may be better trained with guns than the average "armed guard".
Brown Bear pepper spray can stop a bear at 30 ft. Teacher should have it on desk.
If a sticky finger student gets it all they can do with it is get themselves in trouble.
Classroom door locks would be useful if the teacher was bright enough to use them. Several reports say the two classrooms the shooter attacked had door locks but were not locked. After hearing the gunshots on the intercom why didn't those teachers lock their door?
The only advantage of calling 911 is getting the investigation started sooner.

Island Bred

It's time to live in a world where these type of choices aren't choices at all. Armed teachers, pepper spray, and armed guards in grade school?

How bout better mental health care, options for loved ones that are unstable, less assault weapons available, smaller clips, responsible gun ownership, a society where violence isn't the norm, and get the lobbiests out of my legilators back pocket. I'm not so fearful of losing freedom that I'm willing to pay for the way we have been for the past 10 or 30 decades.

Peace and Comfort to the small town of Newton and to the gun violence victims who we haven't heard of since Friday last week. We all need to be appalled into action.

Lars Faltskog

Well, Bred...the reality is that we may never go back to the days when the worst things going on in schools is gumchewing and running in the halls. Just as we've had to lock our doors and take keys out of our cars when we go into the Talbot shoe/dress store, we need - IMHO - armed officers in every school in every case.

Hopefully, in time we can become a more mentally healthy nation where this kind of thing indeed becomes a thing of the past. I'm afraid there's no going back now.

Now, I do respectfully disagree with IHOG's stance that it would be OK for teachers to have pepperspray. Truth is, the children WILL get to it. It could cause injury and then down the road a lawsuit - waiting to happen. Regarding locks on doors - it used to be that school principals did not want teachers to lock their doors so that campus police or principal-type people could easily get in the classrooms. It was once thought that if a teacher locked his/her door, "there was something to hide". Administrators wanted to drop by, open the door at will, to see how good instruction was going on. Now....I hear it's big practice TO lock the doors.

Again, if the schools all had an armoured truck-type shatterproof entryway, with gun detectors (like airports)....then at least a crazy loon with a visitors' sticker would only have his/her gelled-out brain walking over to visit little John's classroom - instead of automatic weapons.

Kevin Lang

Supposing that Sandy Hook had an armed guard, what's to say that Adam Lanza wouldn't have been equipped to win that battle? Assuming the teachers were armed, what's to say he wouldn't have been able to shoot first? If he managed to kill even one person, we still would be talking about a tragedy. I'm not saying that we don't try those options, but to say that those options would prevent such tragedies or even reduce the number of victims is pure conjecture. He was essentially a rabid kamikaze. He knew he wasn't coming out alive.

If you aren't in the direct line of fire, calling 911 is a wise choice. If you're not in a position where you can stop the carnage, getting the police on the way offers the opportunity to get numbers on your side.

Lars Faltskog

Agreed on both points. Yes, mentall illness should be non-stigmitized. We're all ill with one thing or the other. Some mentally, others physically. We all have vices and obsessions, etc. Therapy is a great thing.

Regarding the armed guard debate. Yes, the fool could have/would have gotten through the armed guard. But, just maybe, the time it takes to kill an armed guard in a shatterproof bank-type glass shield BEFORE even going into the main part of the school - just maybe that can buy time, get the loudspeaker announcement/warning that "Mr. Newtown is in the building" - and classrooms can be locked and secured. Body count - maybe an armed guard, receptionist, and the 1st administrator to see what the riggermorole is. But, not 20 schoolchildren and a few tchrs and support staff. Like I say, just maybe. When I see banks and some convenience stores with the shatterproof plexiglass (and all the architects/engineers that could be hired)....perhaps schools one day will have a different look. Unfortunately, they might all end up looking like high-security prisons, with barbed wire and so on. Gone are the days of Little House on the Prairie clapboarded schoolhouses.

Kevin Lang

I think we'd make a lot of progress if we ditched the social stigma associated with treatment for mental illness. Society shouldn't look at mental illness any differently than we do the flu.

Lars Faltskog

See my responses way down the line through all of these space-wasting bubbles.[beam]

Kevin Lang

Well, I can hear some people saying that schools should look like prisons--prepares the kids for what their "home" in the future will look like. It would sure be nice if our generation would get around to giving our descendants a future at least as good as what we inherited, but I think we're just to selfish for that.

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