GALVESTON — A Pearland man drowned Sunday after falling unconscious in the waters off Galveston.

Aleksandar Momcilovic, 66, was pronounced dead at 6:45 p.m. Sunday at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said Peter Davis, chief of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol.

Davis said the man was on a boogie board with his grandchildren in the water off the seawall between 18th and 19th streets when his grandchildren noticed he began bobbing up and down with his fist on his chest. 

The grandchildren, who at first thought he was playing around, ran out of the water to get their mother for help when they realized he was unresponsive.

The man was reportedly a good swimmer but had a history of medical issues, Davis said.

A lifeguard, who had just shown up for his shift a few minutes early, spotted the man, who had drifted near a jetty, and brought him to shore, Davis said.

Two rescue trucks and a bystander who was a doctor assisted the lifeguard. The man, who was not breathing nor had a pulse, was given CPR, Davis said. The man was intubated, and Galveston EMS transported him to John Sealy Hospital at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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Melvin Herrmann

My thoughts and prayers to this family. My daughter and her family saw this going on as they were driving around.

Jarvis Buckley

If you got to go,what better way than to be playing with your grandchildren. Still very sad.

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