GALVESTON — Michael Loftin, a former city manager for League City, has been hired as the city of Galveston’s finance director.

Loftin, 63, will take over the finance department Monday, city officials said Wednesday. He served as the city manager in League City from February 2012 until August 2013. He also worked as its finance director and assistant city manager.

Interim City Manager Brian Maxwell called said Loftin brings “a wealth of knowledge in sales tax forecasting” to the city.

Loftin resigned from his League City job in October 2013, surprising some city leaders there. Since leaving, he has worked as consultant to the city of Houston’s finance department. He has also taught at the University of Houston and served in administrative roles for the cities of Pasadena and Shreveport, La.

Loftin replaces Beth Free, who resigned Aug. 5. He will be the city’s third full-time finance director since 2012.

The finance department needed a person with Loftin’s experience, Maxwell said.

“The fact of the matter is, we just have to do a better job of booking our revenues and expenses and balancing the bank reconciliation,” Maxwell said. “This council is very project driven. It’s going to take some clever financing, both using tax revenues and debt in future years, and we’ve got to have our financial house in order to do that.”

Lofton will be paid a $117,500 salary as finance director, Maxwell said.

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(3) comments

Stevie Maradeo

Let's hope with all of his experience he can figure out how to keep track of expenses. I wouldn't think a city would need a financial guru to figure that out. But with each year that passes that I follow Galveston politics, I have learned to lower my expectations.

John McLane

Gotta remember...he bailed out of League City where he had a much higher paying job! Not sure he knows about dollars and sense.

Toni Randall

Way to go Galveston.. [smile]

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