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J. Shaffer

So he decided against a jury trial. That's probably a good thing or he would be looking at a longer sentence.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Infanticide is equal to 35 years in the life of a man who clearly has no human feeling and represents a danger to his fellow human every day above ground.

What a society we have become. Too bad they didn't find any crack in his pocket when he murdered the infant. Then he might be doing life without parole.

thomas herring

35 years.....he'll probably serve less half that and be out in 10 or 15. Pathetic system we have!

J. Shaffer

Sorry, dear sister, but I am more likely to believe the facts of the case than an angry family member. Especially when you present yourself so well.

You would both have done better spending more time in reality and less time in the fantasy world of game playing.

George Croix

The sentence should have been 6' down in a hole in the ground.

Andy Aycoth

Should have got the same as son,

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