Meet Brian Maxwell

Learning to play the piano, Beyoncé, Texas A&M, President John F. Kennedy and Farrah Fawcett are all things Galveston’s Interim City Manager Brian Maxwell are interested in.


Editor’s note: Brian Maxwell is interim city manager in Galveston and may be in line for the permanent job when the new City Council is seated after the May elections. He responded to The Daily News’ questionnaire. 

At a glance

NAME: Brian Maxwell


BIRTH DATE AND PLACE: April, 22,1969 in Galveston

OCCUPATION: Interim city manager

What made you choose your profession?

I started working for the County of Galveston on the beach here on the island as a teen. From that moment on I truly loved working with people and helping them get what they need. In my mind, that is what public service is all about.


Family: Married for 20-plus years to Katherine Overbeck Maxwell of Galveston. Two children: Loraine, 18, a student at O’Connell High School and a future Fighting Texas Aggie and Megan, 10, a fourth grader at Trinity here in Galveston.


Personal quote or favorite quotation by somebody else: “Nothing comes before my family.” My mother, Janet Maxwell. Words I will always live by.


If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s: Birds love a clean car.


If there’s one thing I won’t do, it’s: Skydive. Have yet to figure out why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane.


If there’s one thing I wish I could do, it’s: Play the piano like my daughters. I am in awe of their ability.


Though I was proved wrong, I once said I’d never: Spend money for my daughters to be in Treasure Ball at Mardi Gras. Yep … that didn’t happen.


My heroes are (Briefly explain why):

My wife. This is someone who works harder and is a better person than I will ever be. Plus she puts up with me, my sick sense of humor and all the politics that have come with my career.

My now 95-year-old grandmother Lucille Maxwell, who inspires me every day with her get up and go. I only hope I am as active and smart when I am that age.

My grandfather (Robert Fredericksen), who passed away too soon, who taught me to never take life too seriously and joke and laugh until the very end. I miss him every day.


My favorite president is: John F. Kennedy.


My favorite author is: Lee Iacocca.


My favorite piece of literature is: “Isaac’s Storm.”


Describe yourself in one word: Humorous


Now explain why you chose that word: The day I stop joking and laughing is the day I do something else.


My favorite kind of music is: ’70s and ’80s music of any kind.


My favorite musical work is: “The Aggie War Hymn” — what else?


My favorite artistic musician is: Bruce Hornsby


My favorite actor/actress is: Burt Reynolds


My favorite performer: Beyoncé. She can put on a show!


My favorite movie: “Smokey and the Bandit.”


My all-time favorite TV show is: “Dallas” (Don’t laugh).

My favorite comedian is: Rodney Dangerfield


My favorite restaurant is: Any Galveston restaurant. We love ’em all.


My favorite junk food is: Any kind of chips.


My teenage idol was: Any of “Charlie’s Angels.” Pick one.


When I’m nervous, I: Eat

My best asset is: My sense of humor


I absolutely will not eat: Will let you know when it’s invented.

You’ll never catch me wearing: A Speedo (You’re welcome)


My mother/father would say I’m: Way better than my sister! (That one will cost me.)


My hobbies include: Anything to do with cars and of course Fighting Texas Aggie football!

(1) comment

Miss Priss

Super nice and genuine guy - such a hard worker. It would be nice if an Aggie ran the city of Galveston. Whoop!

Gosh - Maxwell is looking too thin in that pic. It must be that Galveston City Council stress diet program doing it to him. :-) just kidding - he looks great!

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