FRIENDSWOOD — A Houston man was arrested at a Friendswood grocery store and charged with possession of child pornography as well as methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and Valium. 

Officers from Galveston County Precinct 8, Texas Department of Public Safety and Friendswood Police Department served a Galveston County arrest warrant to 27-year-old Jesse Andrew Burton in the parking lot of the Kroger store on North Friendswood Drive.

The Friendswood department said police were tipped off that Burton was in North Galveston County and possibly working for United Parcel Service. Police surveillance units spotted a United Parcel Service truck in the grocery store parking lot as well as a man matching Burton’s description, the Friendswood police department said. 

Once officers detained him, police found Burton had methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and Valium with him. The original warrant for Burton charged him with possession of child pornography, a charge originating in Galveston County, the department said.

Burton’s bonds total $14,500. He was in the Friendswood city jail awaiting transfer to Galveston County Wednesday afternoon.

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Lars Faltskog

I don't understand that with all the advances of science that it hasn't been figured out for a way to disect the brain of a few of these sickos (who pass on), and isolate out the gene that causes people to do these things. Then, that strain can be excised, and all born thereafter won't have the bad gene that gives propensity to be a child porn fiend or child molester, or rapist.

You'd think with all the folks who are worried about conspiracy theory in regard to mutations, plants bearing genes of humans, etc....that the scientists who do such sinister things can actually do some good - like getting rid of the sicko genes.

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